Prepare for your next competition and fanfare.Looks like you're giving a fanfare to the cue before the competition starts.

I'm ready to sit by everyone's side, put Len-chan on my lap, and listen.The excitement of Len-chan is very clear even when she is facing backwards.I know what you're seeing right now. Good luck.

"What do we do? I'm getting nervous."

"I've been nervous in the past. I'm gonna throw up."

"Good luck! Now is the time to show the results of your practice!"

After a short conversation, the performance begins.The song you play is an anime song.It's a song that Len knows.I thought you said you were watching this cartoon on the air.I heard you picked it out.

When Len-chan noticed the song, she cheered.

It was a full song, played in full.It's not a short version of the cartoon, it's a full version.

It was probably a long fanfare....

The definition of fan-arrer is disturbed!

That's how old you are.

Stop it, please.

I ask once in a while, but I wonder what the ex-fact is.

After the performance, Ren clapped his hand and was happy.

"Awesome! Cool!"

Is that so?

"No...... Hey, this is going to shine......"

"I'm glad I'm playing the trumpet..."

Thank you, Len, for standing so happy!and said thank you.I think it's great to be able to thank you properly.Len-chan is a good girl. Let's have a drink.


"I wanted to stroke it."

"Nm...... You can smile more"


Embrace and nurse nurse nurse nurse. Happy time.

I see, it's close to distance.

"Tell me this...!"

I can see it raw, and I honestly envy it.

I want to see you alive.

It's a power word that says, 'Let's live.'

I stroked it to my satisfaction, so let's go back to Alice and the others for now.Wave to the people who played and return to your seat.

"What is this?"

Lots of octopus in my seat!

"Separation from the viewer."I brought a lot of them. "

"Hmm. It was interesting to watch."

“No, let's stop for a second”?

As expected, this amount of octopus is surprising!The octopus tower! I don't really like octopus anymore!?

By the way, the octopus stall is sold out.

"What are you doing!?"What are you guys really doing!? "

I accidentally shouted towards the light bulb, and a comment came out like an excuse.

”No, because I said it was delicious...”

"I'd be glad if you'd be happy..."If you put it in the inventory, it won't cool down......}

I'd be glad if you could make me a snack.

I don't get angry when I get angry because it's almost good intentions.No, I'm glad to hear that. I appreciate it.

Place all octopus in the inventory and sit on a chair.It's the next meal.

"Yes, Len. Okonomiyaki"

Oko-only Yaki!

"No way, powder twice in a row lol"

Isn't that a complete mistake lol?

It's not something to eat with support lol

It seemed like Len-chan ate it, so I followed him.

The four of us are eating okonomiyaki and watching the game.

"Ah, my thing, it's in your mouth. It's soft."

"Nh... yakisoba. It's not bad."

Well, the next competition is the bread-eating competition.

"Ah, Lin-chan, it's almost time for a borrowing race." We need to get ready. "


My tongue is not cute enough.

Ran-chan, I have to go to the waiting room.

Do you know where it is? Shall I pick you up?

Gu Xiao Xiao

Officer, these are the guys.

I authorize the shooting.


I'm scared to be alone in the drawing room, aren't I?I don't even know where it is, so let's go together.

Let's have a quick okonomiyaki and go with Lin-chan."Well, the drawing room..."

"Alice, where were you...?"

"Yeah, I'll go with you."

"I'm sorry..."

This is so cool lol

Even if you try to show me something nice, it's not cool as a result.

That's why you're here, Milay.

"Shut up."

I've never been in a arena before, so I can't help it.

Guided by bitterly smiling Alice, Len properly headed to the drawing room.Len-chan is also giggling, and onee-chan is very embarrassed. Giggling.