I'll walk with you. I'll walk with you.I'll walk on my feet.Hmm. Which one of you should tell me about the phonation of Ran-chan's footsteps?

Mirai-chan, are you thinking of something strange?

"How did you know...?"

"Onee-chan, your face, er..." Mmm..... "

"Wait, at least say it clearly."Because if it is suspended, it will cause more damage. "

Because I don't understand the words that will follow, I am unnecessarily concerned, or I get hurt because of that, or I feel like that."Sometimes it's better to be clear..."

"So, what were you thinking?"

"Yeah. I wonder what's good about Len-chan's footsteps."As for me, I feel that it is the best thing to do, but it is very difficult to throw it away.It might be nice to have a change ball. "

Seriously, it was rubbish.

Is there an older sister who thinks of the pronunciation of my sister's footsteps?

As far as I'm concerned, it's a mess.

Don't increase it.

Pumpkin... I see...

Don't think about it lol

Now that I'm angry, let's get serious.That said, I quickly got to the drawing room.

The drawing room is a bit spacious.It's like a school classroom.It's a big room, but it's just a room with lots of chairs.There was a group of people who were supposed to take part in the borrowing race.About twenty, maybe? They turned around as we entered. I'm scared.

Oh, Len-chan's hiding behind me.I'm just looking out at everybody. It's cute.

Now, there are a lot of strong people in the audience, but what they say is,

"Oh! Welcome! I've been waiting for you!"

"Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, heyI have juice. I have sweets.Do you need anything? "

For now, Ebama, please.

"Are you an aunt in Osaka?"

I think that's a prejudice against Osaka.It was like this for the time being.

Then, I wonder if Ran-chan was surprised and hid behind me in earnest.

I'm going to report all of you to management because you're frightened.

“Please don't.”

"Wait! I didn't mean to offend you!"

"It's been said for a long time that no offense is the worst..."

"Whose side are you on?"

The participants are starting to argue, but it's not that bad.I think it's a joke.It seemed that Len-chan also sensed it and made a face again softly.

"Ah, um... thank you very much..."

When Len-chan said that, everyone nodded with a smile on their face.I'm glad they're good.

My first athletic event, my first competition, so I'm a little nervous, and I'm a little nervous.I'm hugging Lucky and I'm jerking off.Lucky for us, we're left with it.Rather, I'm putting my cheek around to encourage Len-chan.Lucky for you, you're a little dusty.

"Onii-chan, I wonder if it's okay...?"

“It's okay. It's gonna be fun.”

Unless you have a scared participant, everyone is kind this time.I'm sure you can enjoy it, too.That's what I'm saying, but you're still nervous.

Well, I'm sure you'll be all right if you actually join us.

Please enter the venue to participate in the borrowing competition.

Such a broadcast came out.Finally, it's time for Yen-chan.

"Alright! That's it, Lin-chan!" Say hello! "

"Um, yeah..."

I stood up and tried to follow the others on foot, but I came right back.You're probably going to hold my hand and ask me nicely.

"Together, can't I...?"


It's quick.

Well, it's not as serious as measuring records, and it's okay if you're with oneechan.

Good luck, Dan!

I will enter the venue with Len-chan.Large venues are lined up with participants some distance apart.And the middle course was blank.There's no one there. Maybe it's Len-chan's place.

There are boxes on every course.Maybe there's even a piece of paper with something borrowed in it.I think we have enough boxes to keep the crowds from getting crowded.

But that would be fraudulent... ah, no, that's what it is.If the middle is open, then that course box is for Len-chan.

"Here. Len-chan, there."

"No way...? Onii-chan, I wonder if I can't stick around...?"

Ah...... Look at the participants.I see Kimpika-san. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm glad to see you. I don't think so.

"Len-chan, everyone will see you at the end."Because if it's in the middle, it won't stand out. "

Is that so?

"Yes, yes."

Len nodded and headed for the middle course. I'm relieved.

Well, I'm streaming it, so I don't know if it's going to stand out anymore.

Don't say too much lol

If you ask me, don't get angry lol

At that time, today's delivery will be over.

Ah. All right, Mirei, don't break out.

I think these people should look into the word "rabble".

I'm going to keep an eye on you a little bit further away.You're not going to make it to the auditorium right now, and you're just standing there.If it doesn't work, someone will be watching.

“Let's start with a description of the rules.”

Kimpika-san's voice.

“Each course has a box.There are several wooden cards with the subject in that box.Borrow from someone at the venue what is written on the wooden card of your choice and go for the goal.We'll check the goals. ”

I don't think there are any particularly strange rules.

"Now, ladies and gentlemen, about the location."

Next to Mr. Kim Pika, a man dressed as a wizard held up a wand.I know you're trying to use some kind of magic, but what kind of magic is it?


Shortly after Kimpika said that, something moved away from the wizard's wand.A fireball, huh? It slowly went up into the sky and exploded.

I mean, let's start!