One Sunday afternoon. The weather is still warm and pleasant today. It's about VR.

So, it's a nap delivery.

Why is that?

Nap Delivery Kitakole

I heard that you can see Udori-chan!

It's a Sunday without any particular plans.It's a relaxing nap. Of course, it's a limited time only, so I won't be forced to log out.

That's why, Len-chan.


"It's crushed like that."

Hey www

Lots of hoods on your linen!

But somehow she looks happy.

That's how you enjoy it lol

The puppies and foxes are all around me, but Len seems to be having fun.I'm taking the sloppy monsters to find the best position to take a nap.Everywhere looks like the same meadow, but something seems to be different from Len-chan.

It was a pussy that was moving around for a while, but it seemed to find a good place and stopped moving.When Len-chan slammed the ground with his hands, Mons left.Did you teach it on purpose?


"Yes, yes."

When I sat on the spot where the rainbow kissed me, the rainbow kiss sat between my legs.It's leaning against me.



"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no


Crunch your cheeks with both hands.It's a soft cheek.

"It's nice to be young..."

What are teenagers saying?

You know what, Mirai? It's still coming.

What the hell are you guys doing?

I know you're still a kid.But Len-chan's cheeks are exceptional.Here, take a look.Mochi mochi mochi. Very soft.



Stop it lol

I know it's soft lol

Come on, it's about time you got angry.

Oops. I don't want to get angry, so let's not do it.

I'll gently wrap Len-chan's face around it.Len looks at me strangely.Instead of tilting his neck, he laughed briefly.

”Fuhi... hihee...”

It's so disgusting to have to endure it halfway.

Mirai-chan, I think you can go back to normal.

"Up, up, up, up"

Yes, yes, this is it.

If you don't look at Mirai, you won't be able to finish the day.

"Shut up."

I shouldn't be so nosy.Probably. Probably. Yeah.

Now. Is it time for you to feel good?Damn it. I don't have a futon, let's ask Legie for help.

"Reggie, give me a little tail."

As I said, Leslie, who was lazy next to my house, moved my tail.Fluffy and fuzzy, the soft tail is Len-chan's top tuft.The downstairs futon is mine.


With Reggie's tail all over her legs, Ren-chan is in a very good mood.I was enjoying Léger's tail, but I closed my eyes to see if I was satisfied.Soon you will hear a well-organized sleep.

Okay. I guess I'll go to bed too.


When they called for Shiro, they saw us and immediately figured it out.He rolled around behind me, leaning on his back.That's my dick. It's hard.

Lean on the shiro and relax. Huh.

"Well then, I'll leave you alone for a while."Please do the rest as you see fit. "

Photos! Do you have any photos?


”I want to be caught between my legs...”

Um... yeah. You can do whatever you want with the photos.I would be angry if I used it in a strange place.

That's why. Good night.

Suddenly, I noticed.

"Oh, I'm up."

Alice and Lulu looked me in the face.

"Oh...? Alice? Lulu? How did you get in?"

When I applied thinking that I was asleep and I couldn't, I got permission.

"Hmm. He allowed me to sleep over."

"Yeah, I don't remember."

"I know."

Len-chan is still asleep, so I gave her permission, but I don't remember.Well, I don't think it's gonna be a problem for you two.I think that's what I did unconsciously.

It was an unusual Mirai.

I gave you my permission while I was talking to you.

It was cute. Milay was a girl too.

"Do you think I'm cute and my eyes are rotten?"

Even though I complimented you, it's the grass that gets beaten up.

If Len-chan is cute, I know, but I don't know what she means by being cute.Some people are weird, aren't they?If you're looking at me, look at me.Look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look My cheek is all over me.

Mirai-chan, will you be angry?

"It's okay, I got angry over and over."

"Hmm. There are no elements that are okay."

It means that Len-chan doesn't really get angry.Well, I guess it's time to get up.

When I was enjoying the cheeks, Alice sat next to me.Clench your cheeks with your fingers.


"Nh.... Me too..."

Oh. And now Lulu. Everyone hang on.

Stop it lol

You guys are going to be really pissed off.

I think you should see the pain in your eyes.

"It's all right, if it's Dian-chan..." Oh, I'm up.

"Hey, what are you doing...?"

"It's nagging."


Len-chan moves dumbfounded and stretches out.You're so cute when you rub your eyes like you're sleepy. You're like a cat.

"Nh... what are you doing together...?"


"I was nagging."


Oops, I feel like I've been subtly pulled by Lin-chan. Let's be careful.

Yen-chan is moving, but she can hardly get up.Maybe it's just like a prayer.Then it might be better to drop like this.

Ran-chan, are you going to sleep today?

"Hmm... but I'd like to stay with you a little longer..."

"Len-chan is so cute!"

"Shut up."

"Ah, yes, I'm sorry."

I'm pissed. I'll be careful.

Since then, Yen-chan has been lying down for a while, but when she suddenly lay face down, she stared up at me. She's cute.

"Hey, Tako."



That's why you stand up and play games with Len-chan.Adjust your position as you slap your back. Yeah. Nice.

Len-chan will scrub your face, so I'll scrub it too.

You're really close, aren't you?

"Hmm. I want a sister like Yen-chan."

Len-chan is my sister.

"I know."

That's good!

It seems that Len-chan is satisfied, so let's put it on top of Shiro.When I gently put Len-chan on Shiro's back, Len-chan quickly began to rub her legs.I'm hugging you and laughing.

"Shiro is cute..."



I felt that my heart was united with the viewer.

Finally, the contact with the puppies.Inside the usual fence, the puppies are angels to play with.She's gently holding the puppies and being licked.Lucky in the head is a short forefoot, and it's hard to imagine.Do you want me to play?

You look busy, but you look happy.

"Well, Alice, what's next for the hood?"

"What am I...? Where's Lulu?"

"Nh...... maybe it's time for the Phantom Beast too"

Hoo-hoo. Phantom Beast.

Tomorrow, you'll be all over me.