"He ran away."

You ran away.

Definitely escaped.

But what are you going to do with this?Mirai is definitely going to ask you later. "


Yes, of course. They'll ask me!What is a lovebird!? What is it?! What are you going to do with this!?

Yeah. Okay. Let's just say I don't know!I don't know the truth!

It seems that Len-chan realized that he could go out and borrow it because of his actions.As my face glowed, it ran towards me.Seeing that, the other participants also run relieved.Sorry for the inconvenience.


"Yeah. What's the matter?"

Shiro! Shiro!

"Hmm. I mean, the subject is..."


I see. Wankoka.

Then it's Shiro's turn!

I summoned Shiro, and Shiro immediately went to your side.Hmph, I'm stroking your face and wanting you to stroke it.Yeah. You're my Tammon, aren't you?

"Shiro. Ran-chan is in the borrowing race."I have to take my pussy with me. "

Oops. Shiro turned around momentum.Somehow I'm not satisfied. Maybe he's mad at you for treating him like a dog.

"Shiro! Dumbo! Shall we go together?"

This time, I turned to Yen-chan.If Shiro can speak, he'll say, "Seriously, you're right."

Shiro seems to be unhappy with the dogs, but I don't know what to do.I refused.

When I watched for a moment, Shiro barked at Len-chan for a moment, really after a momentary slurp.


The tail swing is fully open. It seems that he gave priority to Rin-chan's smile over his pride as a wolf.That's my Tame Mons. Excellent readiness, isn't it?

Onee-chan, your back arm.

You're my real sister, aren't you?

Isn't that a problem?

Don't say that.

Is it okay to treat Shiro like a dog...?

You look happy, and I think so!

Shiro, who shakes his tail and lets her leap, and Len-chan, who is happy to have such a solo.This is enough to make a picture.It's very smiling when I'm looking at it.

But, Len-chan. If you don't do it quickly, the person standing by at the entrance won't be able to make the goal.

Lin-chan, I think I'll be first place now.


Len-chan, who seemed to have remembered, quickly returned to me.Shiro seemed to have figured it out right away, and immediately put a lin-chan on his back.And as she did, she started running toward the goal that Yan-chan was pointing at.

"Um... I wonder if that's okay."

Well, yeah... that's fine, isn't it?

I'm not supposed to say anything to you, so you'll be fine.

I smile bitterly.Well, yeah. I hope it's fun!

Yen-chan ran straight to the goal.No, it's a rush, but I don't care.I ran towards the goal tape and cut the goal tape.

I did it!

Oh, I can hear your happy voice.Good for you, Len-chan.

After that, the other participants rushed to the goal.The competition has been successfully completed.

On the balcony.

"Hey! One of the best!"

Len-chan ran straight this way.From behind, there was also shiitake. The participants are looking at us, too.Nice people.

"Welcome back, Ren-chan. You were in first place."


Len-chan is amazing!

Squeeze and nibble.Fufufu smiling Len-chan is very cute.If I had a tail, I'd shake it.Shiro's already shaking.

Happy New Year!

Are you happy?

I'm glad to see you, too.

I'm very happy too. Well, it's the best you've given me, but it's still the first time for you.Because it is the first time for me to compete.

Well then, I'll get in the way after that, so I'll take the audience seat...


I thought so, but Len-chan ran off to find someone.It was there before Len-chan ran away... "

"Um! Let me see the rabbit!"


Mr. Rabsi was that person.Looks like I was just leaving.

Hey, hey, he's dead.

At least hide and go www

I don't hate the style of necking myself.

They're just idiots.

Stop it lol

I don't know what to do with this.I can't wait to help you, but I don't know anything about lovebirds either...Do you think it's actually happening?

Is there a lovebird?

I've been looking into it, but I can't find it.

That's right.

There's something real about herbal medicine.

Herbal medicine w

I don't want to take my medicine in the game lol

Herbal medicine has a very bitter image.I don't want to drink it in the game.