"Ahh, but don't let him lose like a trauma."I wonder if they'll make a big difference and let me run alone for the last time.And even if it were to be backed up.Well, it might feel good to be supportive, but it seems like a trauma to the parties. "

"Oh... that's right. I'll make sure to tell you."

Understanding Mika Fukaki

”I'm just embarrassed...”

Please don't remind me.

I don't think everyone would say that, because some people seem to be really good at replacing that with motivation.

In the meantime, I left it to Kimpika-san to increase or decrease the number of wins and losses.It is also called a round toss. I believe that Kim Pi-chan can do it well. It's true.

"You can easily imagine the golden flicker of a subtle face lol"

Good luck, Kimpika, I'll support you

I'll pick up your bones.

No one is going to help me, Grass

I think that's the case.

Now, the competition is on and it's time for an obstacle race.There are already a lot of obstacles in the line.I came to the waiting room with you this time, but you're tilting your neck when you see those obstacles.

"Hey, buddy."

What's the matter?

How do you play with that?

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Okay.

"Akan, this is it."

What kind of Essex guy are you?

Shut up.

In the meantime, I gave Kimpika a signal and called her out.He immediately noticed me and rushed to me.

What is it?

It seems that Len-chan doesn't know how to play.


Oops, Kimpika-san has also hardened.I've never run in an obstacle race before.I don't think I can help it. I was wondering why you chose this.

Because it seemed like fun!

Yeah. That's a good reason.

It's time to explain. Let's go and listen to Mr. Kimpika's explanation together.

Let's start with this. Looking for ebony.

No? You want to lick it?

"Yes. The one who licked. It's in this powder, so I'll find it without using my hands."

You're going to get drowsy, aren't you?

When the competition is over, I'll clean it up with magic, so it's okay

"Next, we go around the net. We go underneath this net."


"Next is the jump-box. Do you know the jump box?"

I know!

Could you use the smallest jumping box?


“When it's over, just run straight to the goal.Are you sure you're okay? "

It's okay!

Looks like there are only three types of obstacles this time.Maybe you chose something that was easy to understand.

As Len returns to the starting point, the competition begins.Everyone stands at the starting point.This time, Len-chan is also in the middle.The size of the egg hunting and jumping box was made to fit the size of the linen properly.

The start signal was the wizard.With a cane in the sky and Kimpika-san's signal, I started with a sound of explosion.

Len-chan quickly started looking for the egg.I put my face close to a plate full of white powder, but I'm a little hesitant.I wonder if you're really looking around to see if I can just stick my face together and look for it.

Kimpika-san, I don't trust you.

"Wait, that's what it is!?"

"No, I'm just kidding."

"I didn't think I could hear you..."I'm just anxious, maybe.

When everyone started looking for the eggs, Lin-chan started looking for them with her face stuck together.

"Mh...... The sight of an adult looking for eggs looks pretty good like this..."

Don't say anything more lol

I know what you're trying to say.

The opposite of the one that's supposed to suit you best... lol

It's quite surreal, isn't it? I know you're being rude to someone who's serious about joining us.

Ah, Len-chan raised his face.Looking back over here, I'm jumping up and down.I think I found the egg because my mouth is crawling.

Len-chan, next time!

When I shouted, Len started running again with a stunned look.

Len-chan's face was pure white, wasn't it?

A specialty in the search for eggs

Your face was pure white, but you looked so happy and cute.

Your heart is spinning, then.

"Ah, uh... do you want to go to the hospital...?"

Will you stop it, please?

No, I haven't heard that in a long time.

Next time, we'll go around the net.These are all the same size.Len-chan quickly began to unwind the net... "Grumble..."

"I'm freaking out..."

I wonder if it won't fit in well lol

You're so cute!

You'll get angry back and forth.

Hey, we're moving on. Little by little, it's progressing with a snag.After a short delay from everyone, I finished the netting.

Then there was the jump box.

"I just noticed that the jump boxes are a bit tall except for the linchpins...?"

Have you noticed?

Twelve steps.

It's not an irrational height, but it's obviously expensive lol

I don't seem to be very suspicious because I know that Len-chan is fit for the size.Probably thinks it's something like this.

"Ah, one of the participants tried..."I hit the jump box. It looks painful."It shouldn't hurt because it's a game, but there's a sound..."