This is a good pillar lol

I've never seen twelve steps in my physical education class lol

I've never even been able to jump in the eight levels of physical education.

Me too

I think I could jump without a problem if it was about eight steps. For once, I'm pretty good at moving my body.

Len-chan also reached the jump box, but everyone seems to be wondering because it's hard to jump. He's leaning his neck. I wonder if I can jump.

Oh, another one went. Obviously, the form is different from the person before! I feel so used to it! I stepped on the Reuters board and landed neatly.

You jumped so nicely. A gym teacher or something like that?


Len-chan is happy to clap her hands. Don't let the jump box shine, just score the goal. Otherwise, Len-chan will wonder.

Mr. Jumpbox looked at Yen-chan with concern, but he started running, knowing that he couldn't fool him. The first is Mr. Jumpbox.

I wonder who will be in the first place as a jumpboxer and in the second place as a jumpboxer.


Jumpbox-san www

The nickname is too straight lol

Because I think it would be better if it was easy to remember.

Just as she continued to ask Mr. Jumpbox, she ran off on her own. Woah, what an incredible run, and the result hits the jumping box. At least step on the Reuters board.

The status is the same for all of us, and since Mr. Jumpbox was able to jump, you should be able to jump.

No, the twelve steps are surprisingly expensive, right?

Even if you think you should be able to jump, the feeling of fear is better...

I think there are many people who are not good at physical education, so I wonder if there is a preconception that it is impossible.

If you say so, I might be able to convince you a little bit.

While doing so, Yen-chan finally started running. Goodbye, step on the Reuters board, put your hand behind the box, and jump over it.


I hit the landing, but I was able to jump over it safely.

Turn back to the jump box and let your face shine.

"Hey! I'm telling you!"

"Yep. That's good, Len-chan." But I'm in the middle of a race, right? "


In a hurry, Yen-chan starts running. Are you sure you're in second place?

No, anyway.

"The happy-looking Lin-chan was very cute. Upper hehehe"

I thought it was about time.

When Mirai jumps, Mirai jumps.

Is it hell?

No, it's Naraka.

Are you going to say it yourself...

Shut up.

So it's up to you to decide the second place.

At the end of the competition, Lin-chan headed towards the jump box. What are you going to do? I'm curious, so let's go a little closer.

By the way, more than half of the participants cleared the jump box. What kind of a jump box is that?


When Len spoke to the jumping box, he was very surprised and had his eyes round. I know how you feel.

"Ah, ahh. I wonder what's going on, Len-chan."

"Um. Congratulations to the first place..."

Oh. I thought you might regret it, but I don't think so. Mr. Jumpbox is a little surprised, too.

"Oh, yeah. Thank you, Len-chan."

Awesome box! Wow!

Is that so? I wonder if you'd be happy to say that.

A jumping box that looks like it's shining. What's wrong with this guy? He's cool.

"You look like a sportsman, Mr. Jumpbox."

Akan, every time I hear you say 'jumping box', I laugh lol

Didn't you have a nickname a little bit longer lol?

It's easy to understand, isn't it?

"Well, the loser has to do something to the winner, right?"




I didn't hear anything about it. If you stare at Kimpika-san, you're shaking your head with some incredible momentum. It seems that it is not Kimpika-san.

You took my life, Kimpika-san.


As always, when it comes to Lin-chan, the boiling point is too low....

I'm relieved to see you, aren't I?


I don't know what to say, but I wonder if he's okay.

Len says to the troubled jumping box.

"Well, that's what I said in the cartoon!"

"Anime... I don't know what anime is, but it's not."

Is that so?

Of course.

I see, and Ren seems sorry for some reason. Maybe he admired something like a punishment game. I don't usually play punishment games.

"Ah, ahhh... So, Len-chan!" Can I just ask you one question!? "


"I want to stroke that lucky..."

Len-chan leaned his neck and nodded, holding out his lucky head to Jumpbox-san. Lucky is staring at Mr. Jumpbox. Mr. Jumpbox was surprised and got lucky.

"Wow... I see, this is amazing..."

What the hell is this guy?

I envy you so much.

I'm going to kill you!

I haven't seen you in a long time, you're so irritated...!!

Aren't they too noisy? "I'm so excited, I don't think you can see the comments from Mr. Jumpbox..."

Ah, no, Mr. Jumpbox is looking at us. Is the comment in my sight, or is it pulling my cheek? I don't know if I had any bad feelings.