"Ah, thank you, Lin-chan." It was so fluffy. "

"Hmm. Thank goodness you're lucky. It's so fluffy!"


You're lucky to lick your cheeks like that. It's so cute. Ideal Land was here.

I'll be purified...

I knew your smile was amazing!

My... our darkness... will be purified...

But I won't allow you to jump.

Purified www

Yeah. Ignore the comments and get back to the audience.

Len-chan, it's time to go back.


Put your lucky one on your head and Len-chan will come back. Finally, I looked back at Mr. Jumpbox and waved my hand. I'm fine. Mr. Jumpbox also waves his hand as he laughs,

Kill, kill, kill

Exemption Case

Watch out for the night road.

The jump box froze. "I'm sorry, I'll keep the comments in mind..."

After the obstacle race, after a few more competitions, it's time for a lunch break, or lunch. When it comes to school athletics, spreading out the seats and eating in the schoolyard or in the freed classroom will differ from school to school.

This time, unfortunately, neither. Whether you eat in the game or enjoy the flavor, it doesn't actually fill your stomach, so you need to log out and eat properly.

Still, it seems like a lot of people eat here with an emphasis on the atmosphere. It seems that there is no problem even if it is pulled out in the middle of the day. I can't think of it as me.

Well, anyway. We logged out once, and it was realistic and we had lunch.

"Well then, Alice. Lulu." I'm going to have dinner. "

I cut the broadcast because it was a lunch break, and said that to the two of them. Alice and Lulu laughed and waved their hands.

Yes, take your time.

"Hmm. Nice souvenirs."

How did you do that?

I don't have any souvenirs to eat in real life.

I waved at both of them together and logged out once.

Log out and leave the house with your luggage. Bring the bike and go to the hospital. When she entered Len's sick room, Len was huddling with her dog's stuffed animal.

Woof, you're the cutest Ran-chan to hold these two hands and laugh like a bitch. Let's go, let's go.

"Hey, buddy."


I wanted to see it a little more, but I was noticed. Let's get into the sick bay.

Well then, Len-chan.


Today's lunch is special!

Len-chan tilts her neck. I want you to look forward to it. Well, I don't have it.

"My dad and mom are together today."

When I said that, Lin-chan laughed happily. After all, it's better to have dinner with your family.

"Wait a minute."


Until your father and mother come, let's play a little bit. Put Len-chan on his lap and stroke him for now. Hmm, great stroke.


It's nothing ~

I see.

Len-chan is grabbing this stuffed animal. That's all it takes to be satisfied. I wonder if I can admire Len-chan's futon.

After about five minutes, my father and mother came into the hospital room.

"I'm sorry I kept you waiting."

"I'm sorry, Len, Future-chan"



Len-chan is imitating me. When I saw Len-chan, he was laughing mischievously. He's cute.

Your fathers are here, so we have to prepare dinner. Assemble the folding table in the corner of the room to the side of the bed. Can I have two chairs?

While I was bringing two chairs, my mother opened the bag to spread the rice. I took out the lunchbox. Looking at the lunchbox, Len-chan is strangely tilting her neck.

Ma'am, what is that?

"It's a lunch box."

Your wife?

Mom opens the lunchbox and spreads the contents. Looking at them, Lin-chan made her face shine.

I wonder if this will be the first time that Len-chan will eat his lunch. Usually the house is close to each other, so what I've made is quite warm. This time, it was a lunch a little time after I made it.

If you ask me why it's cold, it's like an athletic club. I think that the lunch I eat with my family is also a taste of athletics.

I sit next to Yen-chan, and my father and mother sit opposite each other. Let's all join hands together.

"Len, I was watching the athletic event."

Is that so?

As for where I was watching it, of course it was delivered. It seems that both of them have been watching in front of the computer. When I think of it, it may be quite a strange sight. Maybe I don't want to show it to people too much.

Grabbing fried chopsticks with chopsticks and eating them briskly. It's mumbling, and Fufu looks so happy.


"Is that right? That's good."

Mom looks happy to see Len-chan's smile. Your father is laughing too.

You were in first place in the borrowing race. That was amazing.

"Yeah! Good luck!" Shiro, that was quick! "

"Haha. That's right. Is that a fellow of the future?"

"Yeah? That's right. It was cute, wasn't it?"

"Yeah... it was a dog that seemed to feel good when I stroked it"

I'm a wolf.