Delivery of Tamer Sisters' Fufufu ~ My beloved sister who loves Fufufufu is so cute, so I will try to be proud of it ~

Distribution # 77: Len-chan's athletic event: Introduction to the Ball Squad

It's almost time to get ready, so I'm headed to the venue with Len-chan. I also started distributing it along the way. I think they're very nice people who wait and say.

There are plenty of baskets set up in the venue for balls, and there are a lot of handballs scattered on the ground underneath. It's a simple competition to pick it up and throw it in, so it's easy for Len to understand.

"Yeah, just in time."

Looking at the voice, Kimpika rushed over. I wonder what it is.

"Len-chan, can you throw your hand at me for a second?"


"Let's see if the handballs arrive properly." If Len-chan arrives, it's okay. "

I thought it was better to prepare the basket before, but if it doesn't arrive, I just need to adjust the height of the basket that Lotus will put in. Looks like the others have already checked.

Hey, can I throw it?

That's right. Try throwing it right at the basket over there.


Hold your balls and throw them! Len-chan's throwing balls straight into the basket.

Oh! It's coming in in one shot!

Len-chan is amazing!

I wonder if this is what I was aiming for. If you aim at it, it's really amazing, Len-chan!

"Yup, yup. Len-chan is amazing!"

I didn't think you'd let me in in one shot! I'll give you a lot of compliments. Come on, come on, come on.


Len-chan, who looks happy, is the cutest. Up and down.

It's so fast to hesitate. This is not the best record. "

Best of all!

"Um... yeah, that's fine!"

"Kimpika-san is something. If you have something to say, I'll ask."

“Don't worry about it, it's nothing!”

I ran away to escape. Excuse me.

Everyone runs away. I'll run away too.

"Shut up."

Now that we are ready, the competition begins. The basket that Len-chan can put in is in the middle of the venue, as in the example. And this time, of course, there are team members.

Well then, let's introduce the viewer to the crazy members who will join you with Len-chan!

What's that tension?

[Mirai, are you all right?] I knew it. "

Ladies and gentlemen, it's tough.

"Shut up!"

It's okay to be a little bit evil! I think this member will forgive me!

First of all, you know the crazy producer, Alice!

"I had the first experience of being grabbed by the head..."


What are you doing lol

Mirai could do it.

I don't know what that means.

I didn't really do that. I just wanted to ask you a favor. Yes, please.

"The second one was brought by Alice, Mr. Edgar."

"When I looked at her in the audience seat, I saw Alice who was being taken away..." It was a very scary smiling hand gesture..... "

Alice www

I knew Alice was one of Mirai's kind.

”As expected of Edgar... hey!”

You can put balls in it with me.

This is an exceptional case

I'll kill you? No, I'll kill you.


I haven't seen anything.

"Yes, yes, the third person next." I'm sure you can predict the flow, but it's Lulu. We met on the way to get Alice. I was being watched with the kind of eyes that I wanted to be part of. "

A fellow monster or something?

If you defeat him, there's a chance he'll get up.

Rather than defeat it, there's a chance we'll become friends.

I'd rather join them on my own and become a definite ally.

It's called choroin!


"I'm sorry, don't point your cane at me. I'm scared."

I was pointed at with a cane! I'm scared!

The three of us, me and Yin-chan, are on the team.

Looking at the situation in turn, Alice was a little twilight, and Mr. Edgar was frightened by the surrounding gaze. Oh, I see, the other participants are also very stunned. Don't worry about it.

Lulu is thrilled to hold her balls in her hands. This child is motivated enough.

Len-chan is chasing a lucky run around with his hands tied. Yeah, you're starting to play sometime.

By the way, I am busy looking at such a young man. It's cute, so I can't help it.

Len-chan is so cute chasing lucky!

I fully agree.

If you think it's going to be tough on you, you'll be soothed with a smile that seems so much fun.

Have you forgotten what you're going to do?

It's possible.

Ah, finally, Lotus got lucky. I'm holding my lucky ass. Lucky. It's so cute.

It's a picture, SS. I'll take a lot of pictures!

Is a team like this going to be okay?

On the contrary, do you look okay?

That's right.

The viewer says something, but I don't care. I had to add more photos to the Lenchan folder.