"Um... can I start...?"

Oops. It looks like Kimpika-san is in trouble, so it's time to get serious...



"I want to get in the way of Taimons. Can't I?"

Lulu said that and summoned the Sky Fox. At that moment, the participant's body trembled at once... Yeah, there might be a lot of people with trauma.

"Well, that's exactly..." Especially the sky fox. "

"Nh... I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry."

Does Lulu have a grudge against the participants?

If I could turn my gaze to the participants, everyone shook their heads forcefully. I don't think anyone has any idea.

I wonder if I can make everyone unable to continue so that Lin can win

"It's not that kind of play!?"


If you admit it, you'll definitely do it lol

Do that in a riding battle or something!

"I see..."

Hey, there's a flash of gold.

I only have a bad feeling about it.

Yeah. I'm sure. Maybe.

Again. Beginning to put the balls in. I started throwing balls along with the usual magic signals. I want to take pictures of Len, so I'm going to collect my handballs.

"Yes, Len-chan! Throw it around!"


Len-chan throws his handballs with a cute hollering. The handballs are straight.

I didn't go to the basket... and I didn't even want to go in.


"Here, Len-chan. One after the other, please."

What about you?

"The division of roles." I'll collect your balls, so please keep throwing! "


I'm going to throw it at you, Ran-chan. Hmmm... for now, about 30% of it goes in? It's my first time and I don't think it's that bad.

Good luck, Len-chan!

Hang in there, Len-chan, you're so cute!

I love you so much, I love you so much!

She's very supportive, but unfortunately, she's obsessed with throwing and hasn't seen the comments.

When I gathered the handballs and looked at the other three, they did their best and threw the handballs. I guess it's better than joining. Thank you.

Mirai-chan, what are you doing?

"I'm collecting otama for you." Don't you want a cool picture of Len-chan? "

I hope so. Thank you.

I can't believe it.

After a short conversation with Alice, I headed back to Len-chan. Len-chan keeps throwing his balls. Okay. How far do we go?

The competition time of the jade box is three minutes. Soon the time was over and it was time for the tally. Like an athletic club, you put the baskets down on the ground and count them one by one.

There is no teacher here, so it seems that someone on the team has to count. So I and Len will count.

Len-chan, come here.


Len-chan runs happily. I guess you wanted to do it. It's cute.

Okay, let's throw it together and count it.


According to Kimpika-san's voice, I threw the handballs in the basket high in the sky. Somehow it reminds me of my elementary school days. At that time, it was on the watch side, but this time it was on the count side. This is it, a little fresh.

The sight of adults watching them counting in triangular seats is creepy, though.

Hey, stop, stop!

Even though no one thought about it, they didn't say anything!

Mirai, you don't have to hesitate to say it.

I think that's what everyone thinks. No, I mean, hey?

It's all over the place!

Oh, we're done here. Looks like the other teams are still there, so they weren't the best. Well, that's all I can do.

It didn't work, did it?

Yeah. Zannen.

While saying that, Lin-chan is laughing. It was fun, I guess.

While the other teams were counting, Lin-chan lowered his luck to the ground, threw his balls and started playing. Lucky ran over to the ball happily and came back.



Len-chan strokes his lucky happy face. It is very peaceful.

"Hey, Kim Pika! It's stopping!" Hurry up! "

"I know what you want to see!" We'll take care of it for you! "

"Damn...! I hate you guys...!"

I wonder if I'll wait for the count to finish while watching Len-chan play.

After the counting is finished, the results are announced. The representative of the team has been announced, but I don't know who he is. Len-chan was applauding so much.

I didn't know who, but I knew that the people who were shining were the team.

I'm flattered to be praised by you.

It was just a life I wanted to be praised by you...

I wish I could have joined you...!

The balls were so competitive that I couldn't do either one of them.

It seems so. It seems that everyone wanted the egg holder because Len-chan would be joining us. It was finally decided because of the junket.

Well then, it's time to go back.


I'm leaving with everyone. I have a little more time before the next competition, so I think I'll take another tour in the audience seat. There are some dishes that I haven't eaten yet, and I think I can relax a little.

I just left the venue and said goodbye to Mr. Edgar. I heard that Mr. Edgar was going to go on a horseback fight. I thought you were with your friend.