"Hey, what are you doing?"

"Nh..." To put it simply, I wonder if it's a sport that takes away flaws and stuff. You'll see. "

I see.

I'm a little curious. Then I guess I can enjoy just a tour.

It might have been fun for the four of us to participate anyway.

"If you're on the upper side, there's no difference in reach..."

"Oh, sure..."

I gave it back to Alice's murmur, and she nodded convincingly. The status is the same as that of Yen-chan, but the physique remains the same. As expected, there was nothing I could do about horseback riding with adults.

By the time I got back to the audience, it seemed like the riding was over. I think there are about 20 of them. Everyone seems to start all at once.

"Look, Len-chan, we're going to make horses like that for the three of us."


Len stares at the venue and says a word.


I hear you didn't like it.

The horseplay, after all, is human lol

The horse fights are so flashy, I'm sure they'll be fun.

Is that so?

Could it be?

My dad told me about the athletic floral, but I'm not very interested. I'd be glad if my team won, but is that all?

While we were talking about it, the cavalry fight began. "Everyone rushed out together and grabbed the flaws..."

"I don't think we're fighting!?"

You can't fight in a riding battle www

You're doing it......

Somehow, it's amazing. No, the first moment was horseback riding. However, the person who was stolen did not get it back, but beat up the person who took it. From there, more and more brawls are spreading.

Yeah. It's getting chaotic!

What is Kimpika doing for such a time!

Shouldn't we just stop it?

Indeed. Well, Kimpika-san...

"Mirai-chan. Kim Pi-chan." When the brawl started, I was the first to be defeated. "



This is awful www

If you don't want to be stopped by the referee, you can defeat the referee!

There's no rule that you can't break, so that's kind of an idea lol

That's a childish idea. I don't think we should go into action.

Um... Len-chan...

Good luck, Edgar!

I don't seem to understand it, so I was cheering for Mr. Edgar. It was probably the first time I'd seen a horseback fight, so I thought it was like this.

"I think it's up to me to teach you this again..."

"Hang in there."


It's going to be really hard to explain...!

Edgar is too jealous to support you and looks bald.

Grandpa, your hair isn't here anymore, is it?

There's a lot!? there's a lot!? Fuyafuya!? "

Fuya Fuya

Fuyahuu, what are you doing www?

The comment is also very chaotic. What the hell is this?

The horse fights are really getting worse, but what are we going to do about it? I'm a little worried that Len-chan is starting to feel weird.

"Nh... Milay".


"I'm playing with Len-chan."

Ah, I think I figured it out.


What are you doing, Lulu?

No, don't say it. Don't say anything. We didn't hear anything. "

Well, yeah. I'll take care of it.

"Len-chan, can we eat your dinner?"

Ah, yeah!

I sit in a chair with Len-chan and eat dinner. Hmm... I'd like to bake it.

"Yes, Len-chan. Ahhn"


When I offered them to you with the grill I wanted to bake, Len-chan ate it in a burst. It tastes delicious. It's cute.


You're so cute!

Wow, yeah, wow, yeah

Are you guys ignoring the sound of an explosion...?

Just you, that's the sound of our heart in love with you!

Na, Nandatte!

Explosion sounds. Surely you can hear them. But I don't care! The food you want to bake is delicious, and Len-chan is also cute! That's all!

Yes, Alice, please.

"Um, yeah. Thank you. Okay, I didn't see anything."

I can tell from Lulu's disappearance sometime, but that's right!

You don't have to say anything extra, Mirai-chan.

Yes. I'm sorry.

I am healed by seeing Ran-chan eating the grilled meat I want to cook.

"I want to bake mongum...


You're so cute to imitate. Fuhe.