Finish eating the baked goods you want and then continue to watch some competitions. Finally, it was time for a tug of war.

There is a thick, long rope in the venue, and there is a red mark in the middle of the rope. There is also a red circle drawn in the middle of the venue, and if the rope mark comes out of the red circle, it seems to be a victory on the side where it comes out.

Okay. I'm a member of the Towers.

"No, Mr. Kimpika. Are you serious? Did you hit your head in the cavalry?"

"Of course I'm serious. By the way, I wasn't supposed to be a part of it, but I realized that I was incapacitated for battle, so what's the matter?"

No, the grass

That was a very sad incident...

That's right, Kimpika is receiving a stray bullet......

It wasn't the gold that was being targeted, though.

"Do you know what a stray bullet means?"

I don't think that's a stray bullet anymore.

It's a tug of war, but I'm still pushing time, so I think I'm going to finish it in one go. A total of 100 people participated on one side of 50 people. The scale is strange.

Even at the school athletics, this number isn't that big lol

This is a premonition of a fierce battle

”By the way, you're all in Yen-chan's status, right? Are you going to fight?




No, really! If you have a small number of people, you might be able to take over the breathing timing and fight psychological battles, but if you have a large number of people, I don't think it will change that much!

"Eh, isn't this really going to take a long time...!?"

When I pulled my cheek, Mr. Kim Pika patted me on the shoulder and hit me in the ear.

"Mirai, I'll temporarily remove Mirai's status restrictions." I want you to win at the right time. "

Ah, yes.

I see, this time I'll let you win properly. I'm pretty responsible for this, aren't I? I'll do it.

"Hey buddy! A big string!"

"Yeah, yeah, it's a string."


I'm glad Len seems to enjoy it.

Together with Len-chan, go to the middle of one side. Len-chan is kind of thrilled to have a rope. I wonder if you wanted to try it.

The usual magic signals started the tug of war.


Len, I'm doing my best! I'm grabbing a big rope and pulling it! I wonder what's so cute about it!

”Nfufu... nfufu...”

Mirai is smiling at every moment.

I want to go, but I can't show you how to do it. I saw such a dilemma.

I don't want to be convinced, but I'm convinced.

No, I'm not the only one this time! If you take a look around you, you'll know. Everyone's watching Len-chan. I'm not cutting it out, but I'm looking at Len-chan while pulling the rope. I can feel the gaze from behind.


Yeah. I'd love to keep an eye on Len, but it's almost over.

"It was very blissful."


I don't know who's behind this, but I can hear you.

The person behind you is not bad.

No matter what I think, Mirai's bad.

Mirai, there are good and bad things to do, right?

"Shut up."

Grasp the rope firmly and pull it slowly. If you pull as hard as you can, you'll wonder, so slowly, slowly.

"Ah! Onee-chan!" It's moving! "

"You're moving. Look, good luck, Len-chan." Almost there! "


Len-chan nods happily and starts working hard again.

By the way, that's right.

"I feel guilty..."

Oh, oh

I don't know how you feel, but you have to bear with me.

Because of your smile, this is also a gentle lie.

I don't think so...

I applied a little bit of force, and the stop was applied when I pulled it somewhat.

Yes! The winner is Yen-chan's team!

At some point, Lin-chan was the representative, but Lin-chan didn't seem to care, and she couldn't afford to care more,


She's expressing joy all over her body. Pyonpyon looks happy to jump.

"Lucky! I won!"

Len-chan hugs Lucky. You probably don't know how lucky you are, but you do know how happy you are, and you're lickin 'your nose.

If you're so happy, I'd be very happy with you.

“Thank you so much for your help.”

Let's thank everyone while Len-chan and Lucky are happy. Everyone waved their hands at me laughing. Nice people.

Yes, everybody.

Birth chicks are the best!

Wait, wait, you guys were in there!?

You're probably the most likely to have wagered on a tug of war!

"Huh? You couldn't have participated? Wow, that's cute."

Guahhhh! These guys are upset!

Damn it! Are there no bloodshed or tears in them? Shit!

It's so irritating www

It looks like there were some viewers among the participants. The comments are going to be very fun. If you ran away, I don't think you can help it.

Len-chan, it's time to go back once and for all


The noisy commenter left me alone and I decided to return to the audience.