"Mirai-chan. Len-chan. It's arriving."

When we returned to the audience, Alice waited with some big luggage. Apparently, it's an offer, but it's not food.

What is that?

"It's an instrument."


Len-chan seemed to be having a good time. Apparently, he prepared an instrument for Len-chan.

For a musical instrument, the luggage is bigger, right?

It's wrapped in paper, but what's in it?

Let's open it! Haha! 'Haha!'

No, it's what Lin-chan got me.

That's why.

Yes, Lin-chan.

Thank you!

Lenkan picked up the package by vacuuming. All right, put it in the chair and look up at me.

You can open it.


As I nodded, Lin-chan quickly torn the wrapping paper. Inside were a recorder, a guitar, and a keyboard harmonica.

Is it a school set?

I miss the recorder. I couldn't play the low drum. "

I know lol I didn't get my fingers lol

"Hey, what's a low dick?"

"Hmm? When you plug all the holes, it makes a sound."

So, Len-chan is also a challenge. Blow the recorder with excitement.





Onee-chan, you're in a mess...

Well, that's what everyone does at first.

If you practice, you can play various songs!

Speaking of which, I didn't buy the recorder in real life yet. It's a good opportunity, so maybe I can discuss it with my fathers and buy it for them. No one would be bothered by the sound of the recorder.

Hey, what's this? Piano?

"It looks similar, but it's not. The keyboard harmonica.... I miss it..."

I haven't seen a keyboard harmonica in a long time.

Since I was in elementary school...

How many years ago was it?

"I don't know, sweat from my eyes......"

I think I miss it, too, but I don't think so. From the point of view of society, I may be very nostalgic.

Len is tilting her neck and tapping the keyboard of the keyboard harmonica. Cute.

"Hey, how do you do this?"

"Put it in there, and it'll blow on your head."

Like this?

When Len-chan breathed as much as he could, a loud noise resounded. It was in a state of pressing the keyboard appropriately, so it made a strange sound.

Surprised www

Suddenly, my tears retracted too much lol

The blown one is the most surprised lol

Len-chan is very relaxed, isn't he? She tilted her neck slightly and began to tap the keyboard with her breath and noticed how it worked. It's making my face shine.


"Yeah. Well, it's like a piano."

I guess you wanted to play the piano. I'm hitting it with pleasure. Of course, it hasn't become a song, but it's fine because you seem to enjoy it.

It tells me it's so much fun.

I want to be a keyboard harmonica

Something's wrong lol

I want to be a recorder



Why are you pulling on the recorder!?

"I think both of them are the same from my point of view."

I think it's disgusting as usual. That's right, there's something close to licking the whistle of your favorite child. I'm going to pull it.

I didn't want to be told by Mirai alone.

From our point of view, it's too bad that you don't even have enough expression for the difference between clouds and mud, right?

"Shut up."

The last instrument is a guitar. It's a tiny-sized guitar so that you can use it as well. Len-chan is happy to play the strings.

But why the guitar?

Even though it was used in elementary school so far, it's just a mystery of the guitar.

No, it's in elementary school as well. It's not like I'm just going to teach you that much. "

No, no, no, you guys. Imagine that.

Don't you want to see the cool girl playing the guitar?

What do you want to see?

This is the gap!

Even though it's supposed to be different, I don't think it's wrong lol

You're a cool lady who plays guitar. I'd love to see it, but how long will it take to play it that far?

It might be fun to play with this instrument again.