Len-chan, it's time for the last competition, the two of you. He is with me at the venue now. Connect your hands with me and wrap yourself around me. Looks a little nervous.

This course is a straight line of a hundred meters. There were about ten pairs running at the same time. Since it's the last competition, I'm asking you to relax this time. Of course, the status restrictions were in place, but...

Kimpika gave me a blue towel to tie my legs together. Giggle.

"Onee-chan, big old man!"


It's about time!


Len-chan is cute.

When I snorted, Len-chan laughed at me.

I don't think it's a recurrence or anything before that.

You don't have to barge in too much.

Len-chan, are you getting a little jumpy?

Why are you so nervous now?

Is it because if you fail, Mirai will be annoyed?

Yeah, that might be a little bit of a problem.




"Len-chan can run as she likes." I'll make a good match. "

In the first place, it was the first time for both of us to have three legs. I haven't even practiced, and I don't think it'll work out of the blue. But I'll take care of it.

Because you're Len's sister!

Len-chan leaned his neck and nodded with a smile.


After all, my sister is an angel. hi.

That's right, Mirei, sometimes I thought it was cool.

A sudden, creepy smile, just like Mirei, even abbreviated.

What do you mean abbreviated lol?

Shut up.

Now, about the position. Looking around, the others seemed to be ready, and Kim Pika raised her hand.

Well then, about the location!

While everyone is in a forward leaning position, Lin-chan cares about her legs. It's frizzy. It's frizzy.

When I laughed a little while looking at such a Len-chan, the usual magic signal sounded. Let's focus.

Len-chan puts her leg forward. I went forward in the same way, and the next one is tied. Little by little, considering Len's stride. Little by little.

It's your first time running properly.

”Slowly, but without practice, right? Isn't it amazing enough?

Breathable Combination

By the way, you guys, get in the sight behind me.


I categorically refuse.

What a disaster!

I'm just curious! I really want to look back!

Well, I can somehow imagine the noise you hear.

"I told you from the right foot!"

"Run! At least run!"

"No, because the running lin-chan is so cute..."

"I wanted to see it too!?" I ran anyway!? Then it started from my face!? "

Yeah, I didn't hear anything!

This time, we have our first goodwill champion on our tripod, so it's just a straight line. There are no bends or obstacles. Run with Len-chan.

"One, two, three, three"

"First! First! First!"

"First, let's, let's, let's..."

Don't hesitate to run lol

You're doing your best without noticing.

Since you're doing your best, Milay-chan needs to concentrate properly.

Ah, yes.

Maybe it was Alice. Yeah. Let's just focus for a second.

We're not fast, but we're on our own. There are other things that are too bad. You can't do a tripod for two without practicing with your first partner.

Even so, you seem to be able to run properly little by little, and according to the commenter, the difference has been narrowed down little by little.

I've come this far and I want to win, but it's your priority to have fun. Let's be careful not to get caught.

Len and I run slowly. When I looked at Len-chan's face, she didn't seem particularly impatient. I'm smiling. I wish I wasn't running!

Mirai's face is strange.

"It's the usual seizure. It's not strange."

Aren't you too well-trained?

Shut up.

I ran a little and reached the goal tape. "We are the best..."

Whoa, whoa, whoa!


It's coming from behind!

You're going to catch up, Mirai! Hurry, hurry!

Ahhh, no more!






"Describe. Seek Description."

”There was a group that was chasing me with incredible momentum, but it fell down like it was, and I stopped in front of Mirai.”

Oh, my God, what did you want to do?

No, really. I was in a rush for a second, but, um, this is it. Len-chan was too surprised to stop her.

Yeah. In the meantime, we're in three more steps, so let's get there first.