"Look, Len-chan, let's get to the goal first."

Huh? Yeah.

While impatient, Yen-chan cut the goal tape for me. He's safely in first place.

Happy New Year!

This is amazing on my first tripod!

Awesome, but, uh, what?

It's because of the one who fell over lol

I don't know. This situation is indescribable whether you should be honest and happy, or whether you should feel sorry for yourself. Len-chan is also in trouble.

When I untied the string that was tying my legs, Lin-chan rushed over to the fallen person.

"Um... it's okay...?"

"Fuhi... Len-chan worried me..." That's all, I'm satisfied..... "

"Oh... I wonder if I can die anymore."

All right, die.

Who said that? If you notice, there will be other participants around, and two people who are falling will be taken away, and they will be invisible by the participants' walls.




Death Penalty

"Running away is death, and there is no mercy."

Ah, uuuu, Kuruuuu


Yeah. Yeah. Okay. I didn't see anything!

With Len-chan's hand tilting her neck, I quickly decided to run away. No, because I can't show it to you for a second.

”I've lost someone strange...”

Oh, my God. You added flowers to the athletic event, didn't you?

"Flowers (Rafflesia)"

Oh, my God! It would be rude to Raphrecia!

Eek www

After all the competitions, it was the closing ceremony with a little preparation. In the venue, various people go and come...... There's nothing wrong with it, and various tools disappear quickly. I think we're simply collecting them from the inventory.

Soon after the closing ceremony, I'm relaxing in the corner of the venue with Yan-chan.

I summoned Shiro and put him on my back. Together with Len-chan, you're leaking like a pig.

Len-chan puts Lucky on her stomach and strokes her. Lucky looks happy too.

Did you have a good time?


If you enjoyed yourself, I'm glad you did.

Ah, looks like you're ready. Kimpika-san is gesturing. There are a lot of participants in time. Everyone's looking at us for some reason.

It's not me, it's Len-chan. I know.

"Len-chan, I'm moving"


"...... What are you doing?"

Around you!

Somehow, even if I climbed up to Shiro, I was still hesitating. I'm not sure about the cat element, but I'm sure that's how it feels.

It's all over Shiro's back. Foot and Foot Time.


"Yeah. I see. You're in a good mood, too." Well then, let's keep going like this. "

I couldn't do much athletics today. I think the customer is replenishing the fluff. I've been able to replenish a lot of my linens, so I'll give them to Shiro.

"I'm generous." That's why I want you to remember this later. "

What is generosity?

You're not shy right now, are you? Isn't it generous?

If you ask me, I'm sure.

Is that enough to convince you lol?

It's like I'm short-tempered. I am a very generous woman. Hey, Len-chan.


"Pure shimmering eyes are tough."

I'll give you a strange look lol

"In the first place, I don't understand the meaning of generosity."

That's it.

It could be. I don't want to admit it.

Take the shiro with the durum-chan on it and go to the back of the venue. When I went to the very beginning, I looked at Kim Pikakan-chan and laughed sloppily. Like this, hello, hello.

"A big man who looks at a toddler girl and grins at her. Is it a crime?"


Stop it, please.

I'll listen to all of us!!

If that's the case, Mirai, you too!

"I'm your sister." I'm a family member. "

Shit, I envy you!

I want a cute little sister too!

You idiot. Real sisters aren't bastards. The relationship between Mirai and Rin-chan is a miracle. "

Oh, oh

"There's someone who seems to be struggling somehow......"

I don't know. The younger sister I know is Tsubaki's younger sister, but it doesn't seem to be dangerous.

Well, it's the closing ceremony now.

Konon, Kimpika-san coughs up something from the inventory. Is that an award?

"Well then... Len-chan!"


Looks like she didn't expect to be called, so Lin-chan raised her face strangely. When I saw Kimpika-san gesturing, she looked at me with a troubled face.

"Go on."

Um, yeah.

Len-chan nodded tinyly to Kimpika-san. I put my lucky one on my head and walk a little bit.

When Len-chan stood in front of Kimpika-san, Kimpika-san coughed again,

"Um... Award! Len-chan!"

Oh, your eyes are all round. They're cute.