“You've done a lot of good work at today's athletic event, so I'd like to award you here.... yes, please."


Len-chan stares at the award she received. That's an extra reward for you.

"Len-chan, take this too." It's a gold medal. "

Gold Medal!

I got a flickering gold medal from Kimpika-san, and now I'm staring at it. I suddenly bowed my head to Mr. Kimpika and thanked him.

"Onee-chan, big old man!"


"I got it! I got it!"

"Yeah, yeah. That's good."

Yeah! Amazing? Amazing?

"Yeah. It's amazing. I'm going to sniff it out."


Len-chan, who looks happy and illuminated, is very cute. The first award, the first gold medal. Good for you, Len-chan.

I see, I think I'll get a kindergarten, but I haven't been there yet.

No, no, no, no, no


Something, yeah. I'm going to cry.

"Ah, Lin-chan, there's Alice and Lulu over there." Be proud of yourself. "


Len-chan charged at the Alice I saw. "I guess you were really happy..."

Kimpika-san is a gold medal

What's the matter, Miraiwww?

It was so abrupt that I pulled back my tears lol

"No, because I was going to cry like that..."

Oh, oh

I see. Then it's no use. Yeah.

I don't think it's okay to cry in broadcast. No, I feel like I've cried a few times, but I don't care in that direction.

It seems that the closing ceremony is over in time, and everyone is starting to chat and clean up. Finally, you didn't ask much. I may have done something bad to Mr. Kimpika.

No, it's over soon after that.

The closing ceremony is an award ceremony for you. No more, no less. "

It's an athletic event for you!

"Um, yeah. Thank you for everything."

I don't want you to thank me honestly.

What's the matter, Mirai! It's okay to be as abusive as possible!

That's what I'm looking forward to!



"It was a rare moment when Mirai and the majority of the audience felt one."

No, I'll pull it. I'm not going to say it in a nutshell to people's hobbies, but I think it's better not to show it too much.

Well, yeah. Well, time's up, and it's almost over.

Len-chan is cute and jumping with a prize certificate. I saved plenty of photos and headed towards Len.


Ah, onii-chan!

When I see them, they show me their awards. I've seen it before. But I don't care how many times you look happy.

Len-chan, it's time to go home.


Take prizes seriously and put out a menu. I nodded as I glanced at me.

I'll be on my way later.


Confirming that Ren-chan had metastasized, she lowered her head firmly to Alice and everyone else.

Thank you very much.

"Mirai-chan!? No, wait, I'm just a little embarrassed!"

"Hmm. Everyone likes what they've done. And everybody saved a lot of pictures. That's fine."

"Wait, Lulu. It smells like crime."

Maybe it wasn't stolen? A little bit would be nice. I don't think Len-chan hates it either.

"Len-chan, you really seemed to have fun. I really, really appreciate it.”

It's okay!

"I just felt sorry I hadn't even had a sporting event!"

I'm sorry if I took extra care of you.

"No, that's not true." Thank you so much. "

There is no need for extra care. Really, guys, all good people.

"Mirai-chan, Len-chan is waiting for you." Don't worry about us, we have to go quickly. "

"Hmm. They're gonna get mad. We're gonna get mad."

"That's not good."

"You go now, I'll do the tidying up and everything"

Say hello to Len-chan!

Everyone says that with a smile on their face. I decided to go along with the words and waved to everyone and I moved to the home.

And on the home platform, Len-chan boasted about the award to Léger.

Check it out!

Len-chan is appealing to Piokopioko. Reggie stares at Len-chan. Yeah. It's kind of funny, so it's a picture.

Len-chan, do you want to decorate your home with awards?


So you're moving into your home. Stick it to the walls of your home to finish it off. Exactly the game, very easy to use.

I'll put the gold medal you finally got on that side. Yeah. Yeah, that's good.

Incidentally, it seems that the gold medal is made of pure gold. It was in the item description column. That's a game.


Enjoy the foxes and puppies gathered around the clock and gaze at the awards. It really seemed like fun. Good. Yeah.

Len-chan gazes at the awards as he fucks everyone up. I'll post it on the board later. I don't know if I can thank you.