After class, I go straight to Yen-chan's hospital, as usual. I have a little present for you today. When I talked to my father, he said he had already bought it and left it with me.

Len-chan, would you be happy?

When she entered the hospital room, she opened the library book. Looks like you're reading. Can I speak to you? I don't think I'll get in the way. But if I go home without a voice, I'll definitely be scolded, so it's like I don't have a choice.

It's boring to just approach the bed and call out...

Try pinching Lin-chan's cheeks with both hands. It's tingling. It's cute.

"What are you doing...?"

"I'm kneading. Len-chan's cheek is a magical mochi mochi."


Oops, your gaze is getting cold. Let's not get angry anymore. I'm sorry to hear that.

Len-chan, what book are you reading?

Their servants!

Len-chan will show you the book. It's a story of a girl travelling alone on a motorcycle. It's Len's favorite.

Len-chan, I have a present for you today.


Close the book, put it on the table, and turn to me. I'm so excited to see it. I don't know, I think I raised the hurdles too much! You're not my new friend today!

I took it out of my bag with a little nervousness. It's in an elongated bag. Was it different than expected, Len-chan tilted her neck?

When I gave it to Len-chan, I immediately took out the contents.

"Ah! Riko!"

Yes, I gave it to Len's recorder. Of course, it's not my old stuff.

Len-chan is in elementary school. This is a brand new recorder for Len. It seems that the fathers had all these things properly so that they could go to school at any time.

I used the textbooks for my studies, but when it came to musical instruments, I didn't seem to have a chance to give them to him, so I thought he kept them at home. That's why I sent it to you.

"It's a recorder for Len-chan." If it sounds like a recorder here, it's okay, so you can practice freely. "


Put your mouth on the recorder and breathe. It sounds a little high.


"Yeah, yeah. You got it."


"I can make a lot more sounds."

Your face sparkles and the recorder blows. Of course, it's not a song, but it still looks very enjoyable.

If you get used to it, I'd like to teach you how to read the score and play it with you. In order to do that, I need to practice a bit. My recorder must also be somewhere in the room.

I thought about it while I watched Ran-chan blowing.

"That's why I woke up to the fun of my instrument, and today I'm going to be a recorder girl."

I don't know.

Even if they say that's not the case right after the opening lol

Maybe there's a video in Mirai's head that's the reason.

What do you want to see?

It will be delivered today as well as today. Len-chan is practicing the recorder while leaning against Léger. I'm lucky to have a rabbit on my head and a rabbit on my legs.

By the way, Lucky is wearing a small whistle. It was given to me by Alice before I started. I left today because I have an errand, but have you seen the delivery?

Along with Len-chan's recorder, Lucky also makes a sound. It's a little concert, isn't it?

"This is a fuzzy concert, too."

Concert (just playing the sound)

I hope that's a good idea!

It feels so good during practice.

I'm looking forward to seeing a little improvement from now on.

I'm looking forward to it, too. I want to blow with you someday. Whether it's real or over here.

However, as for me, it's actually easier if I just play.

Well then, Len-chan, it's time for your skills to increase.

Yeah! Yeah! Skill!


That's right, it was a game lol

I'm not going to the dungeon, so I'm gonna forget it lol

I know lol

It's not about the battle. When was the last time you fought? I don't care.

Okay. It's a performance skill, but it's exactly as it's called. Use this skill to play any instrument. The higher your skill level, the more difficult your score is, the more you'll be able to play it perfectly.

There are surprisingly many people who develop this skill, and if you go to Secan, you may see someone playing an instrument on the street. Street live or something like that. Well, I know where it is.

Well then, Lin-chan, go ahead.


Len-chan begins to play the recorder with excitement. From here on, it's an automatic performance where your body moves on its own thanks to the effect of your playing skills. It may feel a little uncomfortable, but at the same time, I know how to play it, so it's quite convenient.

Well. If I don't have a score for the song, it's random...

"Oh, in a way, familiar song"

"Don't forget to listen to this song at school."

I feel sorry for the cat that was stepped on.

The more you go to school, the more you will listen to it, but of course you don't know it. This looks like a lot of fun.

Well, if you know the lyrics anywhere, you might be shocked.

At the end of the performance, Lotus gave me a full smile.

It was a pleasure!

"I see. That's good."

I don't know how much I can play in the early ranks, but I'd like to play with you when I get used to it.

"Okay. Then, Ren-chan, there are still many instruments, but what do you want?"

Huh? Is there so much?

Yeah, I borrowed it.

The instruments that Len doesn't have are borrowed from an acquaintance. You can try a lot of things.

By the way, Alice borrowed it for me, to be precise. Alice borrowed it from her friend when she texted her to let her try the instrument. I really appreciate it.