"Hey, is everything okay?"

“Anything in this game is fine.”

That said, I think there were quite a lot of them. There was also a keyboard harmonica. I think there is a famous instrument.

"I want to try the piano!"

"It's a piano. Which one..."

Open the inventory to find the piano. No, there's really a lot.

I found the piano right away, so I'll take it out of my inventory. What a grand piano. I've never seen the real thing before. No, it's a game.

I wonder why it's a grand piano, this game.

Yeah, the piano reminds me of this first.

Why don't you try the housing? 'Cause I'm not going in the house.'

Seriously www

Yeah, sure. No, I'd go in if I wanted to, but I think I'll have to clear out all the desk furniture and stuff for that.

Well, it doesn't rain here anyway, and I think it's okay to let it out. It's just a game, and it doesn't deteriorate.

As soon as she sat in the chair, Len slammed the keyboard terrified. Is this fun? I'm enjoying it by tapping the keyboard. I don't know if it's a song, but I think I like the sound of the piano.

Lucky is running around with such a young lady. When Len-chan makes a sound, Lucky barks once and repeats.

Lucky, what are you doing?

Are you playing with me?

It's nice to flap around and flap around.

I like it when I feel like I'm playing.

After a bit of practice, I think I started playing the score randomly. What came to my ear was a song that I had heard many times. I don't think there are any strangers.

"Are there people who don't know this?"

You're not here, are you?

Even if it's not a music lesson, if you watch TV, you'll definitely hear it somewhere.

But I don't know who Elise is.

I might be able to figure that out. At first, I didn't know what I was talking about.

It seems that there are people who do not know the audience, but I want you to investigate appropriately. Probably on it somewhere.

I've tried a lot of instruments since then, but the recorder seems to be my favorite. It's blowing happily. Maybe I got used to playing it automatically, but it sounded a little like a song.

Len-chan may not be aware of anything.

Well then, let's do the next thing.



Wasn't it your concert today?

I don't mind.

I'm happy just watching Len play happily.

Len-chan, come here.


"Yeah, it's fun, isn't it?"

I captured the one who came to my side while blowing a pea, and I sat there. When I put Len-chan between my legs, he leaned on me. Let's have a drink.

I see, next thing.

In other words, you wanted to stroke me, I understand.

You're so proud of the fact that you deliberately declared it.

Too much envy has healed my baldness.


No, it's not, right?

What are you talking about all of a sudden?

Len-chan starts playing the recorder again while I stroke her. Len-chan is lucky between her legs. We're blowing the whistle. I'm relieved to see it.

"Well, that's the point..." Many of you may have forgotten about the thank you from Coquerán. "


Ah... something happened, something like that.

It's hard to thank you for having too many people.

Have you decided what you're going to do?

I've made up my mind, but I don't know if you'll agree. Well, let's not think about it again.

I thought I'd distribute her audio material as well.

What, what!?

Audio Material Kitakole!

You guys aren't imagining anything weird...?

"Oh, by the way, I said audio material, but I'll stream it as usual." I'll do it in the quietest possible place, so cut it out. ”

That's why.

"We are going to recruit a line in the form of a questionnaire that we would like you to say to us. It's on my delivery page, so vote, add more items, and do what you like.”

”Hohoho. I mean... even a slightly lewd line...”


Death penalty

What the hell is this guy? You're gonna die, you son of a bitch!

Well, that means we're going to be banished.

Wait, wait, I'm just kidding! Please don't!

I think there are some good and some bad things to joke about. Looks like Len didn't see it, so I'll miss it. If Len-chan was watching it, it would play in the first place.

"By the way, if you put something like that in the item, I'll block it." I'm going to kick you out. "

Sir Yesser!

Roger that. No, seriously, I got it. "

This guy hasn't done it yet, but when he does, he's going to be seriously banished...

Because Len-chan is more important than the viewer than the money lol

In a way, he's a broadcaster.

If possible, it is a function that I do not want to use in the future. So don't let me use it, really.

Well then, please take your time and listen to Yen-chan's live performance.


I think I'll record it and play it when I go to bed.

Is this...?

Randomly, it's too mysterious lol, this one's rough lol

It's a really fierce song. Len-chan seems to be having fun, but it's fine.

Well, let's see what lines will be chosen. I'm looking forward to it.

"By the way, I really like Len-chan who says good night." Upper hehehe..... "

The broadcaster has entered-

It's because of you that the first one is confirmed.

I was really curious to hear it...

Yeah. Um... let's just shut up.