I'm going to find Cimaenaga.

What's going on?

Shimaenaga, if you search, you'll be out in no time.


I haven't heard that in a long time www

Um, I mean, I need you to search somewhere.

The area where Simaenaga comes out is the snowy mountains. That's where you met the foxes and penguins. Penguins were under the snowy mountains, so maybe they're different.

That's why. All we have now is the entrance to the snow mountain.


It's snowing.

The snow in the game is not uncommon because I've seen it on the home screen many times. I wonder if the snow outside is any different.

Today's goodwill gift is a matter of course, but there are white foxes beneath my feet. I'm going around cheerfully under Len-chan's feet.

Such a white fox was captured lightly by Lin-chan. Stroke the fox and be happy. I've been stroking it many times on the platform.

A fox-san's a fool, too.

I hope you're both happy.

Well, my heart feels so warm.

I know.

I don't want to know, but I do.

"Well then, Len-chan." Let's go, shall we? "


We have to find Cimaenaga!

Unlike foxes, I don't know where Ximaenaga is. When I look at the bulletin board, there are reports of where I saw it, but it's not consistent. Some people say they saw it at the entrance, while others say they saw it at the top of the mountain.

So, I think it's probably random. I guess I'll just have to keep walking until Shimaenaga comes out.

Well, it's okay for me to just walk around the snowy mountains.

By the way, today's goodwill chan is exploring the snow mountains, and this chan is also a chan. She's very cute with her thighs and nails. When I hug it, it feels fluffy and it feels good.

That's why Len-chan, Gyuuu


Sometimes I get stung like this, but I don't hate Lin-chan. I'm very happy for you.

What are you doing?


Okay, I want to hug you too.


Officer, this is him!

It's a report!

Hey, stop, stop, stop!

Commenters are still very well today, aren't they? I don't care.

Well, we'll see about that soon.


”Did you confirm how cute Lin-chan is? Sure!

Grandpa, you do that every day, right?

No, listen to me.

Sesan www

It's overwhelming lol

Not at all. No, I'm not that mad at you.

What are the monsters with the Cimaenaga motif?

Are you going to ask me now lol

I just checked a little, but I didn't have much time. I couldn't look into it that much.

Let's get some information from the viewers while watching Len-chan running around happily.

You look like a pheasant.

A pile of cuteness

Cute things that have taken shape as they are

Is there only Cimaenaga believers here...?

Sounds like a little religion. No, I certainly thought it was so cute when I saw the real photos, too. It's pure white, tiny, and very cute.

In terms of games, it's a buff-specialized Mons.

Cast an auxiliary magic spell that increases the attack and defense of all allies

"Wow.... Looking at the performance alone, the enemy is a bit annoying..." The first thing you have to do is defeat it. "

It seems too cute to defeat.

However, I'll definitely only come out with Shimaenaga.

There are no reports of foxes or anything coming out together.

So if we keep an eye on it, we'll all keep on doing auxiliary magic forever lol


What a strange mons. No, it's an area where even beginners can come, so I don't think there's anything unpleasant about the combination.

What's the attack?

It's not coming back.

Buff Buff Buff

It's just cute.

"I-Is that so...?"

Is that, uh, okay...?

"That's why Len-chan." It looks like you can play slowly. "


"No, what are you doing...?"

At some point, the snowballs were rolling. Around with luck and white foxes. I thought maybe I'd make a snowman, but I don't think so.

What are you going to do?

Snowman, is it too big for you?


No, it's not like that. That's not true, is it?

I want to hear it.

Round and round. Eventually, she slapped the snowballs that were bigger than her back, and Len-chan nodded with satisfaction. I wonder if it's complete?

Well done!

What did you make, Lin-chan?


"Ah, that's it..."