It doesn't seem to be used for anything. I was delighted to slap the snowballs. Lucky and the fox are playing on the snowballs, but that's it.

Seeing Lucky and the fox jumping together, Len-chan also sits here. Just looking at it makes you look happy.

Hmm... I don't know if I can find Cimaenaga on the move, so I guess I'll just hang out here for a while.

When I thought about it, it came.

On Len-chan's head, in time.

"Lin-chan, there's something in my head"


Len-chan raises his hand and touches his head. It flew a little, and I avoided it dexterously.

Nothing, right?



No, don't laugh at me! Hang in there!

Len-chan, Len-chan

There's a white bird on my head.

It seems that there are rare mons who approach the player from themselves.


Oniichan's eyes are slightly open, and he's slapping his head again. But the white bird has been dexterously avoided.

"Hmm... Are you sure?"

"Nfu... I'm here. It's a little hard to see."

The color and background of Len-chan's hair is white, so it blends in brilliantly. I might not have noticed it even if I glanced at it.

In a way, it's the cause of the rare monsieur.

On top of the low rate of appearance, it's hard to find

How long do you keep hitting your head www?

Not until I touch it.

Is the white bird satisfied or is it out of Len-chan's mind? The next thing we know is our lucky heads. Lucky and the fox are stopping and tilting their necks. Cute.

What the hell is this fufu paradise?

On top of a cute puppy, a cute little bird will make you a painter.



A wolf.... No, a dog.


Len-chan seems very happy to finally see it too. When Len offered her hand, a white bird stood on Len's hand. It's just the right size for the palm of your hand.

"Wow... it's so tiny..."

Len strokes the white bird with her fingertips. Somehow the birdie feels good. When Len-chan let go of her finger, the little bird tilted its neck. It feels like it's over.

"You're such a nice girl. You're so cute."

I fully agree.

Even though you haven't even done it, you're never this close.

Len-chan who loves fluffy little birds


Awesome! A disturbed soldier! Medic! Medic!

No, you're cute, aren't you?


finally ignored www

It's a boycott because there are too many people who get confused.

By the way, but...

I think it's because of my mind. I feel like I'm being watched a lot.

It was hard to understand, but if you look closely, the little white bird is over here. There's a lot of trees around, and they're staring at us rather than at you.

What's a rare monsieur?

Even Mons wants to play with cute kids!

Usually, only the old man comes, so I can't help it.

"That statement works for me..."

Yeah, well, yeah. I guess that's it.

Thinking that the birds had started to fly together, they suddenly rushed towards us.


Little birds gathering around Len! I stayed with you first, and now I'm going to have a mushroom mushroom mushroom mushroom mushroom mushroom.

"This is Mokko-chan"

What the hell are you talking about?

No, but Mirai has grown! I'm still heating up...... ”


Looks like you can't do it.

Appraisal of broadcasters to meet audience expectations

(But no one wants it)

No way www

"Shut up."

Len-chan is cute! I can't help it!

Enveloped in little white birds, Ran-chan was stunned for a while, but he began to stroke them one by one. I stroke it with my fingertips.

"The picture is too chaotic."


”So cute... so scary... so cute...?”

I don't know how you feel, but I don't know.

As Len slowly stroked her, the birds began to fly all at once. As it is, it will descend on the snowballs made by Yen-chan. The snowballs have become even whiter with Shimaenaga.

"Onee-chan, big old man!"


“Lots of them!”

There's so many of them.

Len-chan is so cute when she's excited to move her hands around.

Len returned to me and took out the bait. Give the bait and wait.

"Go ahead...?"

When Len-chan called out, about three small birds were placed on Len-chan's hand. I'm starting to eat the food. Pinching little by little.

Even though it's small, just looking at the meal landscape of the fufu will heal you

I know. I know very well.

I ate so hard, I was so cute.

Hard work.

Either way is fine.

Soon after I finished eating them all, the birds spread their little wings.

"Hey, buddy! Stay with me!"

"Yeah. I knew it."

I wouldn't be surprised now.