After successfully taming the white bird, we returned to your home. In the snowy mountains, the white birds, which are difficult to understand because of their protective colors, also stand out as Len-chan's home, that is, a meadow.

Okay. Those little white birdies.

When did you tame me so quickly, Lin-chan?


Doya, you're so cute!


Ran-chan is very cute, putting her hands on her waist and stretching her chest. Yen-chan already! Cute! I like it!

Somebody do something about that sister of yours.

There was a thing called the law of eloquence.

Oh my God, I'm going to get mad when I get involved with this guy. It's just...

Eek www

Elementary school kids or these guys. It's just bullying, and I'm mad too. I'm not saying anything because I don't think I deserve to be angry.

By the way, the white bird with the motif Shimaenaga is called Snow Fairy. I wonder if I'll ever be treated like a fairy. There was no way to tell the difference, so from our point of view, it was the same as a monster.

By the way, Shimaenaga is also known as the Snow Fairy. Yeah. Keep it that way. I think you should think about it a little bit, Operator.

The Snowfairies are almost a hundred in all. I don't know exactly because I didn't count it well.

I tried to count them, but they move this way. It's not much, but I can't finish counting. So I gave up.

The little white birds are jumping around Yen-chan. I can't brush because it's so big, but I carefully stroke each one of them. Len-chan gently strokes the little bird that stays in her palm.

"Will you come to me?"

It's decided that a cute sister is better than a disgusting one, isn't it?

If I were you, I wouldn't even come near you. I'm sure of it.

"Shut up."

I know, so you don't have to tell me everything.

Why don't you come by when you're done?... oh, you're here.


Are you insane, Snowfairy! I see, you're a fairy! I wonder if it's a heart of mercy!

"You're mad at me!? I knew my heart was beautiful to these girls!"



Why are you tilting your neck there!?

Even Ran-chan was wondering if it was grass.

Well, if only you had a smile like that lol


Well, I guess you can't help it because they say your smile is disgusting. Mmm.

I gently wrapped my hand around the little bird that came near me and lifted it. Oh, it's fluffier than I expected. It's so cute. It's so cute to look at me with your neck tilted. If I stroke you like Len-chan, you'll narrow your eyes and feel good. It's so cute.

Okay, okay, okay!

Damn, I'm starting to want to tame myself...

Snow Mountain... let's go...

I'll find it first!

The competition rate seems high for a while lol

It's going to be a little bit of a deal.

Now... it's almost time, I guess. After that, let's take a leisurely shot of Len-chan playing with the birds. Then you can see me later and save a lot.

Wait a minute!

Relax and watch the birds chasing you. Bliss.

It's a little sneaky.

So, which child is the demon?

From what I can see, Ren-chan... no, I think there are some birds chasing him...

Rather, it's like a bird chasing a bird chasing a bird chasing a bird chasing a bird chasing a bird chasing a bird chasing a bird chasing a bird.

In other words, there is a bird that is chasing a bird that is chasing a bird that is chasing a bird that is chasing a bird that is chasing a bird that is chasing a bird that is chasing a bird that is chasing a bird that is chasing a bird that is chasing a bird that is chasing a bird that is chasing a bird that is chasing a bird!

"I don't know what that means anymore."

We're all going around and chasing after each other, so let's do it.

There are also a lot of birds flying around the running lantern. You're lucky to have a little white bird on your head. Somehow, you're all white today.

It's fun to watch everyone fluffy.

Mirai-chan, it's done!

Oh, is this Alice?

Did you make anything else lol?

"Yeah? What's wrong, Alice?" I'm busy keeping an eye on the cute little birdie Len-chan. "

I tried to make a shimaenaga dress!

"[]/(adv, adv-to, adv) (uk

What a cute guy! That means Len-chan will be a white little bird! Hmm? Little bird...? No, no, no, no! I think he's absolutely cute!

As expected, there's nothing I can do about the size, but it's all white and round.

"What do you want to see that for!"

I thought you'd say that! I'll take it with me tomorrow night. "

I'm looking forward to it!

So you can see the little white birdie chasing after the little white birdie! I'm so looking forward to it, it's absolutely cute!

Yo, Len-chan!


Embrace Len as she turns and runs towards me. I'm rubbing my head with it, so I'm going to sniff it out.

Alice made a little birdie outfit for me, so I'll get it tomorrow.

When I said that, Ren-chan nodded happily. I'm looking forward to it now.

"The little white birdy..." My nose is bleeding just because I imagined it... cumming..... "


”No, this sister, I wanted to do something quickly...”

It's too late, so I can't help it.

But you guys also want to see the white little bird, right?

Of course!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow!