The Tamer sisters are also delivering the fufu, Hajime!


Yeah, yeah!

It will be broadcast today and today!


Next to Mirai, the fun-loving Len-chan is cute.

"That's why I'm going to broadcast it today." The broadcaster is me, your sister Mirai. "

"Hey, do you read this?"

"Yes, yes, read it."

What Len-chan has is a piece of paper about A4 size. There is something that I wrote down.

"Well, I'll send you my cute little sister's goodwill!"

"Tch, tch, tch, tch!"

What are you letting Lin-chan say www?

That's right, Mirai! I don't long to be numb there!

Well, what is that? Milay. Not so fast?

“Don't worry, you won't regret it if I worry about you.”

I just wanted to give it a try. Really.

“My guest is Alice.”

“Hi, I'm Alice and I'm losing my definition of a guest.”

Alice w

No, I know how you feel. I'm not a guest, I'm a semi-regular person. "

I'm not satisfied with that treatment, though.

That said, Alice smiled bitterly. Unhappy, apparently. Maybe I shouldn't say much. Wouldn't it be better if I didn't ask you out? Given Alice's personality, it might be hard to turn her down if she asked me out.

Huh? Mirai-chan, are you thinking of something strange?

"No, um... maybe it's annoying to be invited..."

"After all, I'm thinking weird things. I'm glad you called me, so don't worry about it."

It's just that Alice and I keep going.

"I'm only a fashionista." It seems like you'll be mistaken for Tamer eventually. "


I see, there may be. But Alice is already famous as a costume artist, so I think she'll be fine. When I come here, I often get something.

It's okay, Alice.

You already have a personal reputation, don't you?

As a crazy producer!

Ah, Alice's smile grabbed me. Uh, yeah.

That's great, Alice!

I wonder if you're selling quarrels, Mirai-chan.

Yeah. Looks like I made a mistake.

"Well, no. Yeah. Well then, Len-chan, a gift."


Are you frustrated? Len-chan's face rises as he begins to wiggle his lucky legs. Alice and Yin-chan move their fingers at hand. Trade, yeah. You're used to it, too.

Looking at what she got, Len's face glowed.

"Wow...! Thank you, Alice!"

"No, no, you're welcome."

Alice said, looking at Ren-chan's happy smile.

"I can do my best tomorrow with this."

Hey www

I know how you feel! I know!

It means two things to a crazy producer!

Actually, do you sell it in a fight?

It's kind of blatant that the flow of comments stops. It sounds like fun.

Now, what about you?

It turned into something white and dirty like a bird.

Overall, it's okay. And it's covered in white, fluffy feathers, so that you can see it's all about the material. Your hands are winged, and when Lotus moves her hands, her wings will move.

"This is, yeah. It's pretty..."

It's cute!


My sister is the cutest in the world! Definitely!

It's true that if there are people making noise, it will calm down.

Ren-chan is so cute, but don't calm down after seeing Mirai's fuss.

If you think you're being watched like this, you can calm down.

Ahhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Rather than calm down, the Disturbance Soldier is getting stronger lol

Medic! Medic!



You're going to have to report it all the time!

However, it seems that the shimaenaga clothes are a little difficult to move. The whole area is round, so my feet are just a little bit out. That's why it seems a little tough to walk, eh, you're both walking a little bit.

These little white birds are flying around. There are a lot of hoofs too. Len-chan fuwa. Little birds fuwa.

"Ufufu, fufu, fufufufu..."

"I'm happy to drive normally, Mirai-chan."

Alice, perhaps you don't have to make a fool of yourself?

"There was something that you wouldn't make a fool of yourself?"


It was a fair argument that there was no sound of ghu.