Shimaenaga's guru, Len-chan, is walking on both sides. I'll take care of the meadows of the home. Lucky is walking behind it, and lots of white birds follow.


You can't raise your hand, so you move your wings around and call me. It's so cute to be jumping. Cute. Cute.

"I said it three times because it's important, but it's not enough yet, so I'll say it thirty more times!" It's cute, it's cute. "

Yes, let's eat Dafuku, the runaway Mirai-chan


It's Alice's quick job to shove Daifuku into Mirai's mouth when she runs out.

Flowing smooth technique

That's a shitty stunt!

Isn't it terrible?

Mogu... yummy.

By the way, Alice.

Something's wrong, Mirai-chan.


Here you go.


When I said half of it as a joke, I really got a change, so I'd appreciate it. The large number of Daifuku on the plate is overwhelming!

It's a pure white Dafuku. It feels good that it's not too sweet.

"Ahh! What are you eating, onee-chan!?"

"It's Daifuku. It's delicious."

I want to eat it!

It's okay.

I replied on my own, but it's okay, right? When I saw Alice, she nodded and laughed. That's Alice. She's fat.

Len-chan turns to the right and comes back. Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh. As expected, it was a bit of a reduction in front of me.

Having arrived safely, Ran-chan quickly tried to reach Dafuku,


I realized that I couldn't eat with my wings. Your hands are clapping, ugh, roaring.

Dan-chan www

I wish I hadn't taken it off, but in this case, it's wild.

"Take it off for the toddler girl...?" It's a pervert! ”

That's not what I meant.

Tear-eyed chan is also cute, but I don't want to bully her. With Daifuku in hand, before Len-chan's mouth.

Is that okay?

It's okay.

Len-chan gladly made her face shine and chewed Dafu with a full smile. I chewed it well and swallowed it.


My sister is still an angel, I'm sure of it.

Papa, Toranaga bit me again and ate meat. Len-chan is very cute to eat with a small mouthful.



"No, even though it's really cute." Alice, come on. "

When I pressed Dafu on Alice, she seemed confused about what to do. But I seemed to have lost the expectation look from Rin-chan and offered Dafuku. Len-chan ate happily.

Alice said something while looking at the mumbo-chan.

"It's cute."

That's right!

That's Alice!

Ahh, finally the only conscience of this distribution......


Isn't this distribution just about your conscience...?

Alice's got enough of that, too.

Alice's cheeks are pulled, but I didn't see anything.

Having finished eating Dafuku, did you feel satisfied? The walk resumed. Eh, eh, eh. Penguins are joining us sometime.

I think we're done for a walk today.

I think so.

As far as I'm concerned, there's nothing wrong with it. Ah, there's a little bird clinging to your face. Looks like it's going to be tough.

By the way, Mirai-chan.

"Something, Alice."

Is it the summer vacation soon?

It's almost summer vacation, isn't it?

The summer vacation is the best. You can see a lot of Yen-chan every day. I don't know what to do. You want to do something in the game, don't you? Story, would you like to proceed on your own? "No, but after all, it's troublesome..." Honestly, I would be satisfied if I could play with my goodwill.

Summer vacation, huh? Yeah.

I don't know how many summer vacation years ago...

It's a student's privilege to take a long break. Enjoy it.

"The advice is too realistic."

I hear a lot of stories, but I don't know much. When I became a social worker, I imagined that everyone would be struggling.

I wonder what will happen to me. Hopefully, by the time I graduate, your illness will be cured.

What about summer vacation lunch?

"Depending on the time, I guess." It would be fun if you could play games..... "

Actually, I think that on weekdays, you are studying as usual.

"Well, the schedule is undecided." I will continue to broadcast at night. "

"I see, I understand."

I'm so relieved that I can't see the noon.

Well, even if I do it at noon, I'll see it in the past!

Is that why you can do it?

Rather, do it, do us a healing.

No, which one is it?

Well, yeah. I'll do it if I can. Preferably, yes.

Hey, Lin-chan.

"Hoof, hoof, hoof..." Mm-hmm? "

As usual, Len-chan, who is fuzzy and fuzzy, is the cutest. Up and down.