It's Saturday. My sister will be coming to the room at lunch today, so I'm looking forward to it.

I'm wearing a futon on the bed, and I'm still waiting for you. I'm a little lonely while I'm waiting, so today I have a stuffed toy from Tanuki. I'm Mr. Fluffy Tanuki.

I don't know if it's dumb yet. I wonder if your sister is still alive.

When I waited, I heard the door of the room opening. Footsteps approach the bed. If you wait a little longer,


It's your sister's voice. Len hides in patience.


You can hear them scratching their bags. I wonder if you bought something for me.

There's some delicious gummies

Yummy gummy!

I'll just try to put my face out a little bit. An elongated gummy is hanging in front of you. It's wobbly. It's a delicious treat.

Len put the tip of the gummy in his mouth. Eat plumply and mumble.


My sister is saying something. When I looked at it, I was pointing my smartphone at Len. You will hear a familiar voice.

Is it a single fish, Len?

What are you doing with your sister?

"Lotus is so cute!"

It seems to be broadcasting. But, well, that's fine. I'm going to eat gummies.

Hey, hey, hey, it's almost outside.


This is the nervousness of a single fish, Dan-chan.

What kind of nervousness is that?

It is a very delicious gummy. When I was eating, I was held by my sister when I finished eating. That's it.

"Yes, Len-chan, I got it."


”Ahahah. Your mouth is full of gummies, isn't it?”

Onee-chan will stroke your head. I feel happy.

When she was sweet, she sat on the bed. Okay, let's sit on your sister's lap. When I looked up at your sister's face in wonder, I felt a mess around her throat. It tickles, but it feels good.


"Yes, oh, oh, oh, oh."


As always, it's a distance bug


Len-chan is so cute!

Lady, you're such a sweet little lady.

”Speaking of... speaking of...?”

Is the people breathing?

Don't say anything.

I don't know what it is, but I don't think there is anything wrong with it. More than that, it's a relaxing day. It's just soothing.

When I remembered that much, I felt better. I'm not hiding!

As soon as Len escapes from your sister's arms, she slips into a futon. I'll just wait and see.


Hidden by the Little Man lol

Mirai's going to crawl...

It's like a cat that runs away if it's too much of a problem.

I know lol

I'm not a cat. I'm not a cat, but I'll keep it ringing.


"It's cute."

It's cute.

Wow, yeah!

It looks like your sister is fine with this. I gently pull Tanuki's stuffed animal out of the bed with my hand, and say a word.


"Wow... no, that's tanuki..."


Why! Tanuki might even bark!

Seriously, what's the sound of a tanuki?

'I know. I can't help it. "[]/(exp, v5u) (uk) to be loud/to be loud/to be loud/to be loud/to be loud I don't know.'

I don't know, but you think I'll forgive you anything if you put it on?

It seems that Mr. Tanuki is naked. I see, I nodded. Of course I know that's a joke, but Tanuki is a nut. It's decided now.

That's why.



Hey, I don't believe you. What are you doing?

Tanuki, Tanuki, Tanuki, Tanuki, Tanuki, Tanuki, Tanuki, Tanuki, Tanuki, Tanuki, Tanuki, Tanuki, Tanuki, Tanuki, Tanuki, Tanuki, Tanuki, Tanuki and Tanuk

I know. But Tanuki is a nut. At least that's what it is today. It's a wet nut. I think it's wet, squeaky, and cute.

That's why.



Don't ride in a piggy bank, Milay lol

The sound of Tanuki's crowing has become unexpected since today....

Is this the power of Len-chan...!?

I didn't know what it meant.