Pull back the seal and put your face out. When she looks up, she's staring at Len with a smile on her face. I stretched out my hand and hid it.

"Hmm. He escaped."

It's too much lol

It's so cute.


While hiding, oneechan's hand broke into the futon. I'm going to go inside. I tried licking it for now because my sister's hand was in front of me.


Don't laugh in a disgusting way lol

So, what did you do?

"Len-chan licked me..."

Oh, oh

It seems that there is a sister who will be happy to be licked by her sister.

Are you a pervert?

No, not really.

I'm not praising you, am I?

Your sister is talking with Comment. I want you to mind it more. When I put my face out, I was held up by my sister.

"Yes, Len-chan, I got it."


Why the cat?

I'm in the mood.

Fold the futon and lie down on the bed. Straight and straight.

What are you doing next?


”Piiiii, I see”

I see. (Unintelligible)

I don't know.

I don't know, but it's cute, Yoshi!

When I was peeing, onee-chan started letting my hands back up. I'm kind of scared, but I'll wait in silence. Little by little, your sister starts to stroke your stomach. I'm shivering.

I'm freaking out!

I have to!

It's so ticklish. But it's fun.

I'm so annoyed!


What the hell is this lol

Why the cat lol

Sounds like fun lol

It's so much fun. Mm-hmm.

After playing with you, it's time for a break. I drink the cocoa that your sister gave me. Is it cocoa? It's an amazing cocoa.


"It's warm."

I feel warm and happy.

Warm (summer)

It's not a level to be out of season lol

You've been in the hospital room forever. You can't change the room temperature that much. "



When I was sipping cocoa, oneechan stroked my head. I'll take a look at your sister. I have a scratch. I'm not sure, but let's spoil it. I'm rubbing my head against your sister. It's ticking.

"Hmph. How about my sister?" It's cute, isn't it? "

I've known for a long time.

I'm so proud of you!

Please take Ren-chan as your daughter-in-law.


How's it going?


It's a scary www joke...

Damn, what a good smile, onee-chan is smiling after all. Somehow, it seems that it is fun to talk with your commenter. Len is also fun.

Speaking of which, Yen-chan...


Tomorrow, Naomi is coming to visit me.


That's a lot of fun. Hiichan always tells me about Yen to school. Len is very excited about it.

It's fun to imagine what school looks like. Someday, you will feel a stronger desire to go. I want to know more and more.

"It seems that there was also an athletic meeting." I think we'll have a great story. ”

"Yeah, I see...! It was fun!"

"Yeah. It was fun. Let me tell you something too, Len-chan."

Hi-chan seems to be watching the broadcast, but he still listens to the story with great pleasure. That's why I enjoy talking about it.

I'm looking forward to chatting with you tomorrow.

"So, what do you want to do tonight?"

Tonight night?


Night. What happened? I don't think there is anything. So, it's good as usual.


When Len said that, Onee-chan nodded with a laugh. That's why I have the folds this evening. I'm looking forward to it.