Len and Naoko had been talking for over an hour while eating a little bit of the sweets we brought.

I didn't expect to talk for an hour. It's good that Len-chan seemed to have fun.

It's time for a snack.

When I said that, they both turned around. Have you both eaten chocolate before?

Len-chan, today's snack is Baumkuchen.


Len-chan's eyes are shining. It's been a long time since Baumkuchen. Maybe Len just wanted to eat it too.

I will take Baumkuchen, which has been cut and packaged to a certain size, out of the bag that was given to me at the store and give it to Len-chan. Orange juice, of course. The juice is in a dedicated container so that it doesn't spill so easily.

The man who received Baumkuchen is touching his kneecap from the top of the bag and rubbing it. But I don't try to eat it. I knew somehow that I was waiting for everyone.

I was able to predict it, so I prepared enough for the number of people. Len-chan will be careful. Let's all eat deliciously.

I'll give it to you now that we've all been there.

As soon as Len broke Baumkuchen's packaging, she took a bite. I move my small mouth and grin. It was a little expensive, but I think it was worth it just to see Len-chan's smile.

Is it delicious?


He will reply right away. Len-chan eats like a squirrel. It's fun to just watch.

When I was looking at Ran-chan like that, Ran-chan spoke to Ran-chan.

"Um, Lin-chan"


“Which animal will you be friends with next?”


Koten, you're leaning your neck. Speaking of which, you didn't decide at all. Len-chan looks at me, but I haven't even thought about it yet.

"I haven't decided yet." I plan to play with everyone! "

I think that will be the case. If nothing happens, Mun-chan will continue to play with everyone on the platform.

"That's right." They're all cute, aren't they? "


Your friend is praised and you look happy. Just as Mons likes you, so do all of you. When I get praised, I think I'm happy even if it's not about me.

"Len-chan, you know..."


Hiroko is a bit confused. She's cute.

Look at this!

That's what she gave me in the afternoon. And what you see here is,

"Wow... it's cute!"

"You know! My dad got it for me!"

A pure white Pomeranian. It seems that my colleagues gave it to me to my father. At first it seemed to be a little tough, but now I'm completely used to it and I'm sure you're very sweet to Reiki.

By the way, where's the bamboo?

"For some reason, I'm the only one who's ever been vigilant."

It's grass.

"Yes, it's a meadow."

Even so, if I stayed with Na-chan, I could properly stroke her.

Yeah. No, wait. In other words, would you let me stroke it alone? Isn't it too vigilant?

"It's so fluffy!"

"Yeah! It's so fluffy! It feels so good to hold you!"

Heh! Heh!

Huh. Pomeranian, cute. If it's real, I've only seen it in a pet shop, but I feel happy if I hold it up.

Did you hold him up?

Do you think you can do it?

"Ah, yes..."

No, well, yeah. Naturally. There's no way the Pomeranians would want to be held honestly by a vigilante. If you think about it normally, you'll run away.

"I'll be fine because I'll get along with you."

"Yeah. Hang in there."

"Hang in there."

Oh, this is definitely the one I care about.

I'm sure you'll miss me one day, too.

I hope so.

That's what he said, he had some distant eyes. I wonder what happened.

Since Tsubaki and Naoko left. Len-chan was blurry holding a stuffed animal similar to Lucky. I thought maybe my friend would miss me, but it's a bit different.

Stroke the stuffed animal with your legs and your legs. And a word of puffiness.

"Sounds good..."

After all, I envy you.

I know you've been playing games with a lot of Mons and enjoying yourself a lot more than I've ever enjoyed before, but that's not real.

If it's real, unlike pets who can stay with you until you go to bed, Lin-chan has a very strict time limit. It seems that I envy pets after all.

Sit on the bed. Put Len-chan on his lap. I hugged and stroked Len-chan's neck. I'll give you a nice cup of tea. Don't make a fuss.

Lin-chan, let's play with the lucky ones today.


Len-chan is nodding over. I'll give you a hug. Gyuuu.

By the way, even though I envy you, I seem to be honestly grateful to you for showing me the pictures. Because I cherish the photo that Hon-chan left behind. Stick it on the side of the bed and look at it.

"Hey, buddy."


"When the illness heals, I want to stay put." Isn't it possible? "

"No, you can't." Let's do something cute, shall we? Lots of friends. "


Even when I go to bed, I think it's great to hang out with my furry friend! Bravo! Let's play a lot today, believing that such a day will come.