After the closing ceremony yesterday, it is my summer vacation from today. I mean, you can always see me!

That's why I'm going to see Yen-chan right away... there's no way I can do that. Since Ren-chan's studies are as usual, I can only go to see him after lunch. But I'm going to have lunch with you.

So, I guess I'll do my summer homework until noon.

Lunch. When I entered Len's sick room, Len was wiggling on the bed. Here, stretch your limbs and pee. And it's wobbly.

"What are you doing, Goodwill?"



Don't worry about gymnastics. Maybe Yen-chan is just doing it somehow.

Len-chan, how about lunch?

I ate it!

I see. What did you say?

"Udon! It was full of meat."

"Meat udon? That's good."

Len-chan likes udon too. I can easily imagine what it looks like to be eating delicious. I would have liked to have seen it, if I hadn't told you the truth.

So you're hungry?


"Hmph... I see."

Is there something there?

Ah, your gaze is on my bag. It seems to have come to my senses that I brought something. No, I think I said it in a way that's easy to understand.

"I have freshly baked hot cakes. Want some?"


"Ahahaha." Isn't that right? "

It was baked before I got here. I put it in a thermal insulation bag, so it should still be warm.

Remove the plate with plenty of hot cake from the insulation bag. I've baked three of them. Eat one at a time, and the last one will be a snack. Because it should be delicious even when it's cold.

When the wrap was removed, the steam blew up. That smells good. That's me.

Wow! Wow!

Oh, my eyes are shining with anticipation. There's a lot of pressure.

I'll transfer it to a paper plate and put it on Len's table. Give her the fork, and she'll start pouring hot cake. Hmm.

Lin-chan, do you have plenty of honey?


That's plenty. Then we have to meet their expectations.

I'll sprinkle you with plenty of honey I bought from the supermarket. But even if you say plenty, don't overdo it. It'll only be sweet. I want you to eat it properly as a hot cake because it is made with confidence.

Yes, please.

Thank you!

Put your hands together and cheek at once, Len-chan. It's so cute to eat so much. It's like a little animal. Squirrels. Lots of cheeks.

Is it delicious?


Hmm. I'm so glad. Let's have a drink.

I eat my own hot cake as I stroke the cuddly eating lemongrass. Yeah. It's going to be good this time. No, I know because the taste is good.

Now. There's no way you wouldn't be so proud of such a cute Lin-chan.

Start broadcasting and point your phone at Yen-chan. It's so cute and cuddly.

If I suddenly think I've been notified lol

At least I gave you the warning a little while ago, you're so cute!

You're so cute, Len-chan, you can eat with your cheeks full!



Shut up!

I don't want you to be the only one to pull me?

"Shut up."

I want to say out loud that everyone who suddenly runs wild is bad.

"I tried delivering hot cakes because the lady who eats them is cute"

Is that a hot cake?

I'm eating without worrying about delivery lol

Could it be made by hand?

"It's handmade."

I use a commercially available hot cake mix, so I don't think the flavor itself is much different from who makes it. But I tried my best to make the texture better.

Hot cakes can be practiced fairly easily. It is one of the things that I can confidently give to Len-chan.

"By the way, I haven't played that game in a year." I heard that you do a lot of things in summer, but what do you do? "

Is this your first time at the Summer Festival?

I've been doing a lot of things all August.

There's a swimming pool in Secan and a simulated camp in the woods.

Pseudo camp?

When I actually go to bed, I'm logged out. You can make tents and curries. "

It's fun because you can play in the river.

You do a lot of things, don't you? Len-chan has so much to enjoy.

When I suddenly looked at Len-chan, I finished eating the hot cake and fell asleep. Your stomach is full and you are drowsy. You rub your eyes.

Len-chan, are you sleepy?


Well then, yeah. Let's take a nap for 30 minutes.


I'm going to stroke the lem-chan who's lying down and slipping by. Going to bed right after eating isn't really a good idea. It's a special day.

"Len-chan doesn't like you, so I'll see you at night." Here you go. "

Here you go

Even though it was enough, it was a delivery full of Yen-chan's cuteness.

I'm looking forward to the night too!

"I haven't planned anything for the night yet...!"