Thirty minutes have passed, so when I woke you up, you were still a little sleepy. I think I'd like to put you to bed a little longer, but if you go to bed too much, it'll ring at night.

If I wasn't sleepy, I could watch TV, but Len doesn't have it. It seems that they read books until they fall asleep, but I've heard that they feel more lonely than usual.

The nurse told me that if I couldn't bear it, the nurse would hold my hand. It would be nice if you could call me at that time. I will rush at all times.



When I told Len while doing Rivershi, I was able to tilt my neck. No, I didn't say it out loud, so it's natural. I think it suddenly feels like something.

"Len-chan is cute." Yes, I'll take the corner. "


Len-chan's Reversi skill is, well, yeah. That's what you think. It looks like a child, and I put it where it seems to be taken off immediately. So it's very easy to control.

So it's easy to play close quarters. Playing close quarters, winning and losing again and again. I know it's bad enough you're cheating, but if you're too one-sided, you're going to hate me. No, I think you'll be fine.

I adjusted it well this time and I almost lost. Good luck with me!


"Nh? Len-chan, what's wrong?"

"I'm deliberately losing again..."

Correction. It was broken.

No, wait. Why!? I should have kept it hidden until now!

"I want to win and lose, and I want to do this."


I'm the idiot! Let's do it a little bit better, idiot!

When I was holding my head in self-loathing, Len-chan stroked my head. When I looked upward to see if she was angry, Lin-chan laughed happily.

"Thank you all the time, Onee-chan"

"Len-chan is so cute!"


After all, my sister is the best angel in the world!

After so much play, log in at night. When I logged in, Len-chan was all wrapped up in dumplings. Futomi Dumpling Lin-chan.

Well, that means you can't see a lot of wolves and cats. I think it's okay because I'm laughing happily.

For the time being, stop delivering.

"Yes, thank you, everyone, I will distribute the dumplings because I am free."

Since the opening, it's been too unclear.

What do you mean, you're a dumpling lol?

No, I'm sorry, I see. It's a dumpling. It's definitely a dumpling.

”There's also a lump of hoof...”

Help him www

I tried to help, but I think it's good because it seems fun. But I thought I'd give it a try.

Yo, Len-chan!

When I approached the dumplings and called them, I saw their faces. Seriously, look at me and smile. It's so cute. If you mess around your throat, your eyes will narrow down to make it feel good. It's so cute!

"Lin-chan, I'm glad you're relaxing today."

Relaxing ~

So let's spend some time here today.

While looking at the happy man wrapped in his fuzz, think about his plans for tomorrow. I think it's time to go see the next one. What kind of kid do you want?

"That's why it's a survey." Which child should I go to see next? "

When I asked, the letters began to flow. I'll read it as much as I can, but I'd like you to take it a little more lightly.

Um... which one...? Ah, this might be good.

Ghost. The Ghostly Monster. But as it turns out, the ghost of this game is a very cute ghost that has been deformed.

I don't have any folds, but maybe this is it.



"Next time you go to see the ghost?"


"Yes. I don't have any fur, but it's white, round, and floating."

I'd love to meet you!


That's what happened.

I'm scared of ghosts and kids...

That's why the ghost of this game lol

If it's a summer event, NPCs and shops sell it lol

What kind of a ghost is that...

Maybe it's a monster called a ghost.

By the way, are you active?


I'm not attacked anymore.

Because it's physically ineffective, even if it's slashed with a sword, it's ignored.

Magic can be defeated in one shot.

As long as you can use magic, you're definitely the weakest monster

"What's that terrible?"

I wonder what kind of monster I was expecting. No, it's okay.

In the meantime, I'll go see the ghost next time. I've never seen it before, so I'm looking forward to it.

"My thighs, my thighs, my thighs..."

Let's finish today by looking at Len-chan, who is fuzzy and fuzzy.

"Nfu... Len-chan is cute." Upper hehehe..... "

Achievement of quotas


"Shut up."