Like so many other games, this game can no longer be fought in a safe zone, that is, in a city. Whether you slash someone with your sword or shoot magic, you can't deal any damage to them. The NPC will react, but they're just angry that you shouldn't do that.

As a setup, I think the city was under a special barrier, in which every attack was disabled. I don't remember clearly because I wasn't very interested in this place.

It's a safe area, but there are a few exceptions.

Phatos has an underground water vein. It was a little cave, and there was a water monster coming out.

It seems that Saz has an underground coal mine. They say blacksmiths collect ore here.

And in Secan, there's a mansion on the corner of the city where no one lives. A haunted mansion where the Ghost fell into disrepair as a result of being left alone.

This is the Haunted Mansion. I've never been in there either, so I'm just looking forward to it.

That's why.

"Come on, let's go, Tamar's sisters are on the air! I can rely on my sister, Mirei, to send you the news. This is Alice, a crazy producer.”

I'll see you in a drama lol

Tell me about myself in a good image, tell me about the other person in a bad image

The method is in the press.

"Oops, I didn't hear anything!"

I won't let any criticism get to you!

Yeah. Mirai-chan, can I get angry?

"I'm sorry."

Alice's a little mad. Let's apologize honestly.

Okay. We're in front of a haunted mansion in Secan. Len-chan is already excited about that. Put your lucky one on your head. The Ghost bothers me.

Don't tell me you're a fan of things. Because the ghosts in this game are really cute.

"Alice, do you have anything to pay attention to?"

"I don't think there's anything in particular." Because these ghosts are harmless ghosts. "

What is a harmless ghost?

"It's not a metaphor or anything, it's really harmless to people and animals, so I'm worried lol"

It's just a monster out there.

What kind of monster is that...?

I was talking about defining monsters.

Hmm. Monsters. Hmm.

Alice, what are monsters?

Huh? Isn't that Len's friend candidate?

I see.

I see, but I don't know.

Even though I'm wrong, I don't think I'm wrong lol

You're all going to be friends with Len-chan eventually!

Hey, are you still there?

Ah, yeah. Let's go.

Now that Len-chan has prompted me, let's finish what looks like an open space. Again, to the haunted mansion!

Happy Ran-chan quickly stepped into the premises. At that moment, Lin-chan froze... nothing happened, and quickly ran to the entrance.

"Is there nothing in the garden?"

If there was a monster in the garden, it would be in the way.

It's a good reason to be convinced.

What an attentive ghost.

I'd like to teach my sister a lesson, too.

I won't say who! It's about Mirai!

"I'm telling you, that's..."

When we went to your side, you quickly opened the door.

Inside, yeah. Ruins. It's quite an atmospheric ruin. Bad furniture, a broken staircase, it feels pretty good. Let's get something out of it.

Let's get something out of it.

What a ghost in front of us. It's a big white ghost. A silhouette that seems to come to mind as soon as I hear that my head is round and I don't have any legs. Crushed Eyes is the Charm Point.

When such a ghost noticed us, he bowed his head in disdain.



I heard something!? A bang!? A bang!? Crying to ghosts!?

You're so cute today, Ghost!

It's a bambooze, and you can help me out a lot while I say it lol

That's all I want to say, but this is good!

Huh? Me? Am I crazy?

While I'm confused, Len approaches the ghost.



When Len-chan raised her hand and greeted her, the ghost raised her hand and greeted her. Oh, my God, she's cute.

Mm-hmm. Nodding Len-chan. And...


I imitated the haunted and became the greeting of God.


Besides, the ghost said hello again. And very energetic.







Yeah. Okay. I see.

"I'll take care of it, Alice."

"Don't be foolish, Mirai-chan."


It's the height of your adaptability lol

Instead of sacrificing yourself, you're instantly becoming my friend lol

That's right, Ran-chan...!