Maybe it's because there's no element of fear in this haunted creature. It's floating, but it's a very cute haunted lady. I'm sure they'll call you Ghost.

But it's pretty big, isn't it?

It's an adult ghost.

The size of a ghost is as big as ours. It's not as big as adults, but it's not as small as Len-chan. That's why it feels like a pretty good size.

But that size doesn't seem to be a scary element.



Len-chan hugged the haunted. I'm hugging you. The haunted ghost is a little confused. I don't know how you feel, but I don't know.

"This is soothing to look at."

It's not a fuzzy fuzz, but Len-chan who comes into contact with animals is cute after all!

How about... boobs...?

You can't do any more than that.

It's not an animal, is it?

When Lin-chan thought he was hugging her, he started to take a short hand from the ghost a little further away. The haunted hand doesn't fit the size and is quite small. Maybe it feels good to grip.

After watching for a while, a small ghost suddenly appeared next to a large ghost.


Len-chan noticed immediately. The little ghost is much smaller than the little one. Maybe as big as Lucky.

The little ghost has her eyes wide open as she looks at you. Len-chan seems a little surprised, too. He stared at the little ghost and raised his hand as he remembered.


Cheerful greeting. Have you settled down yet?

The little ghost also raised his hand to say hello to Yen-chan.



Blast blast!? Blast blast this time!? Light! Everything is light already...!

The big ghost nodded with satisfaction at the interaction between the two. It's kind of family-like.

Is that big ghost a little ghost's parent or something?

Ah, Mirai-chan is amazing


"That little ghost is a big ghost child."

Yeah. Okay. I see.

"What is a ghost child!?" Why is there a child in the ghost!? A ghost is not a ghost!? What kind of things are you talking about already!? "


I know what you want to say lol

Which of these is better to think of as a monster with the name of a ghost?


Can you call that a ghost? No, it's fine.


When I was confused and not convinced, Lin-chan rushed over. Just looking at Len-chan will blow your mind.

Hold Len-chan in your arms.

Ran-chan, what's wrong?

You know, the ghost will show you around the house!

"Heh, heh... I see..."


Len-chan headed towards the ghosts happily. The ghosts are waiting for you.

When Lin-chan reached the ghosts, she was led by a large ghost, and a small ghost was lined up next to her, and Lin-chan followed right behind her. Shall we go slowly?

I walked out the front door and headed to another room, where there wasn't a drop of dust.

"I've never heard of a ghost to guide me to my place..."

I'll gladly show you around lol

The happy ghost is so cute.

You're so cute, too, aren't you?

It's a cute space.

Ideal Garden was here...

(Looking at Mirei) Ideal Home...?

What do you mean?

No, well, Len-chan is very cute when she's having fun with the ghost.

"Bag. Bag. Bag. Bag. Bakke..."

"Pfft. Pfft!"

Large room! Wow!


Yeah. Looks like the conversation is coming to an end, but do you understand me, Len-chan...?

Do you feel like we're having a momentum conversation?

"That's amazing. That's my sister." Len-chan is a genius! "

"Hmm. I feel safe when I look at Mirei."


I don't know what that means. No, I don't want to hear it. The one who gets angry when he asks.

After that, they showed me various rooms in the Mansion, but all of them were similar or close together. There are three rooms like the reception room and one study room. Even in the study, there were no books.

Upstairs, I don't know if it's because the stairs are broken. I can't help it.

After the guide was finished, she was brought to a room in the reception room. The room alone has a beautiful desk and sofa that makes you want to say what the ruins were. When we sat on the sofa, the ghosts brought us some juice.

Somehow, you're exhausted.

"What kind of monster is that...?"

Puff, I'm not a nasty ghost!

I don't know what kind of person is going to attack this ghost...

It's bad for ghosts to appear hostile to high difficulty dungeons.

Ah, there are also some ghosts who are properly monsters, right?

I don't think we'll ever see you there. I couldn't go to the High Difficulty Dungeon in the first place.

By the way, I'm very curious.

Hey, Lin-chan?


"What are you doing?"


It was that little ghost that Len-chan was holding and snorting. No, it's cute. I know how you feel...?