The little ghost looks very pleasant. Len-chan is also very friendly. I wonder how it feels to touch it.

Rather than now, do you touch the ghost?

It's really about time, Mirai-chan.

It's just some kind of ghost or ghost.

It seems that the Ghost of the High Difficulty Dungeon is set to end as an adventurer who couldn't return alive, but the ghost is a ghost.

"Eh, so you can touch it even in real life. What are you talking about, Mirai?"

Really. Are you all right, Mirai? Shall I introduce you to my ghostly friend?

"What's so scary about that?"

What kind of life do they usually have!? There's no such thing as a ghost friend!

While doing so, a big ghost came in. No, no, no, no. When did you go somewhere? I didn't notice it at all. I'm scared!? Isn't it too existential?!

No, I know it's right because it's a ghost.

The big ghost held the basin in his hand. In the basin there is a pile of cookies. Put it on the table. Um... I wonder if I can eat it?

Ghost, can I eat it?

When Len-chan stroked the little ghost, the big ghost nodded happily. As it is, I gently stroke Len-chan. Len-chan is also happily accepting it.

This haunting is such a good haunting. What a good ghost.

"Alice, are you sure you want to eat this? Are you old and not rotten?"

"What are you saying to the game, Mirai-chan?"

You're right, but I won't say that. I promise, Alice.


It's true that the cookies that the ghost brought in are old-fashioned lol

I don't think it would be surprising if they put out cookies a hundred years ago lol

I don't know how long I've lived here, but I'm a ghost.

Len-chan started eating without worrying about it. Eat and swallow.


Sounds delicious. Big ghosts look happy too.

"A ghost who rejoices at the smile of a toddler girl..."

Stop it www

[At once, the stench of pervert... lol]

The ghost was a pervert...?

I don't know what I'm talking about, but I think I'm overstating it.

I don't think Milay-chan would want me to tell you that.

I don't know what that means, Alice.

That's what it means, Mirai-chan.

That's right.

I can't say I'm unconscious, so let's not argue.

Watch over Lin-chan as she chews cookies and drinks juice. Take the hands of a small ghost and grab them by the nose. The little haunt looks fun too.

Open it! Open it!

Open it! Open it!



Len-chan, who imitates the sound of a ghost, is very cute.

What kind of a ghost is that?

What's the matter, Mirai lol?

I think I'm just poking myself into my own voice.

I somehow know what you're thinking lol

Shut up.

When Len-chan grabbed the cookie and gave it to the little ghost, the little ghost started eating happily. I wonder where the ghosts have been eating. I don't know. No, I know I shouldn't care too much about that part.

Ah, yes.

Suddenly, Rin-chan took out the bait. Give it to the little ghost.

"Do you want to eat this too, baba?"



Kabuki-chan www

I wonder if it's a child's ghost?

The little ghost has already begun to eat happily.


Yeah. Somehow, it's predictable, somehow...

"Hey, you're my friend!"

I knew it.

I'm standing next to Yen-chan and watching the bait. When I noticed, I gave her the food while I was confused,


They both seem to have tamed themselves. Um... no, it's okay?

It's gonna be okay.

If we get out of here, we'll have a new ghost to replenish, so we'll be fine.

What's so frightening about that? No, it's strange that there's only one ghost. It was a haunted mansion. It's a haunted mansion. It only seemed like a slightly unusual NPC.

"Hey, hey, hey, hey!"

"Bam! Bam!"



Well, if you look happy. Yeah.

That's why you're invited to the ghost parent-child's home. Welcome to the Renchan family.

"By the way, where does the Ghost live?" It's not a forest, is it? "

"Yeah. No, Mirai-chan. There's a house over there, isn't there?"


"I'm serious."

The ghost always feels like he's diagonally above his imagination. That's amazing, haunted.

After that, until the time of logout, as usual. I was watching Yen-chan play with the ghosts. I don't know if this is okay.