Delivery of Tamer Sisters' Fufufu ~ My beloved sister who loves Fufufufu is so cute, so I will try to be proud of it ~

Eighty-eighth broadcast: freaks talking about devotion at the heart of the home

The tamed monsters have a place to live on their own turf. Wolfs have forests, and foxes have snow mountains.

And the ghosts I tamed yesterday seem to be in the house.

"In other words, your house has become a haunted house?"

"Hm. I mean, yes.

"Is that so..."

Tame the haunted and the next night. We're gathering at Len's home. Right in front of us is Len-chan's house. Len doesn't seem to be interested in renovating the house, so it's in the same condition as it was when I gave it to her.

Sometimes I sneak around to change the interior. If there was a cute sofa, I could sneak it in. But I don't think the appearance has changed at all.

"Do you want to try the appearance once in a while?" Nothing has changed since I gave it to Len-chan. "

Huh, is that so?

Tilting her neck to Alice's voice, Alice looked next to her. Next to me, I mean, Léger.

I think it's a big change to have Léger everywhere I look.

"Ah... I see."

Certainly, whether you look at it from the front, from the back, or from the side, you can always see Léger. The tail. In other words, Léger was a figurine...?

"I don't want to fight, so I don't think it's a mistake..."

Now, put that story aside.

"Len-chan, I'll deliver it"


The penguin that was coming to play, and the penguin that was huddled in her throat, came back. Say hello, the penguins waving their hands like that are so cute. Lucky for you to wave your hand over Len-chan's head is also very cute.

This is definitely something you should keep as a video. That's why it's so chubby.

Even so, you're cute, Lucky and Penguin.

”Nfufufu... fufu...”

Haji again......

Scary scary scary scary lol

Shortly after the opening, don't www

"No, because you're cute." Look at that. Len-chan waved his hand to the penguin. Isn't it cute? "

It's cute.

It's cute... but it's cute...!

I admit that you're cute, but I don't think there's a need for Mirei to jerk off.

"Shut up."

Please leave me alone.

"Now, today is home." I would like to meet the ghost who tamed yesterday. Guests today are still Alice and Lulu. ”

Today is still www

Isn't it today's lol

Well, there's hardly any of them lol

I think it's a good thing. Somehow, the two of you have been really taken care of.

"As expected, I haven't finished wearing a ghost dress in a day..."

"What is Alice trying to do?"

Don't you want it?


Of course you do. I think you're cute, too.

Yeah. Yeah. No, but wait.

A ghost's clothes are complete with a white cloth, isn't it?

"That's not true, is it?"


Oh, I don't know. My spine was a little stiff. Could it be a mine?

"It is true that the ghost's dress-up may be simple." But just wearing a white cloth, that leg can't be reproduced no matter what. Of course, I know I can't reproduce it, but I don't care if I give up. Then what should we do? You need to stick to the material to express it..... "

Damn, damn, it was a mine! I'm the one who said the extra thing, but what am I supposed to do about this...? "Let the viewer help you!

As soon as I turned my gaze to the light bulb, a comment came out.

That's forbidden for a fashionista, Milay.

”Nevertheless, Alice's pressure is terrible lol”

Grass with a stunning landmine step

If you want me to do it, you have to do it.

When I say that in my mouth, the comment only stops for a moment.


There's no way you can do it, but you can't do it!

Give up.

I haven't heard you give up in a long time lol

Really! No, I don't care about that right now...

Hey, are you still there?

At some point, Alice stopped moving just like the voice of the young man who was coming to her side.

After moving your mouth and mouth,

"Yeah. Sorry. Never mind, Mirai-chan."

"Oh, yeah. I'm sorry."

“No, it just got too hot.”

Apologize to each other, it's over. Yeah. We're good here.

By the way, tell me what Lulu's been up to.

"Leggings are so fluffy and refreshing after all..."

Leggie's tail was all over her legs. Lulu's driving normally, and I'm happy...

For now, I feel calm and at ease.

Sometimes even the most common sense person, Alice, runs rampant.

Joao... Shiki...?

Common sense man.

Common Sense Person = Insanity in the World

It's coming?

Sesan www

I think it's too much to say. Alice didn't seem to mind.

Okay, I'll call you back. A ghost should be waiting for you to charge into Len-chan's house!