When the four of them entered Rin-chan's house, the ghost parents and children greeted us.




It's the last goodwill. Len hugs the ghost and then hugs the balloon. The balloon looks kind of happy, too.

So, will you do something about the ghost?

"Hmm. Butler. Or maid. It's like that."

"Hah... I mean, how can I help you?"


A ghost?


I don't know why the ghosts help you.


The ghost pulled out my chair. I felt like a good lady. No, it's a preconceived notion. In fact, I don't know what kind of life it is.

First, Len-chan sits down and I sit next to her. Alice and Lulu were on the other side. "Len-chan's holding the balloon..."

"No, what are you doing, goodwill?"

Hold your lucky and put it on top of your lucky head. The bag can be extended or retracted from the top of Lucky's head. Lucky is punching that hand.

What a healing space. Cute.

It's just healing on your lap and your power is amazing.

The playing puppy and the balloon are so cute

You're so cute, too.

It must be fun just watching Len-chan. I know somehow.

Suddenly, Len-chan's eyes met. Hmm? You look like you said something. "Hmm..."

"Do you want something to drink?"


I'm not thirsty, but I wonder if my mouth is getting lonely. "There must still be orange juice left in the inventory..."

I tried to open the inventory, but for some reason, it stopped me. Put your hand on my shoulder and shake your head. Thinking of it, the ghost took out the bottle of orange juice out of nowhere, took out the glass out of nowhere, and started pouring the juice.

"Wow! Awesome! What the hell!?"

Len-chan is very excited, but I don't think it's magic...

Little Little Lady is so horny lol

You're cute, Len-chan.

Ancient Tomb www

It's a power word for making an ancient tomb lol

Shut up, it's a typographical error! Leave me alone!

When the ghost finished pouring the juice in response to Shin-chan's reaction, he placed a cup in front of us.

"Ugh. What is this?"

"That's why I told you to help me, right?" If you ask me to get involved in the house, I'll do it for you. "

“Hmm. If you ask me to cook for you, I'll cook for you.”

"The ghosts are amazing..."

What do you mean, "ghost"?

Even if it's not related to the house, for example, if there is a field on the platform, they will also take care of it.

It's a relief mons for people who want to do a lot of things. Substantially. '

Besides, you're cute, so you don't have to say anything.

I may not be surprised what this ghost does anymore.

Len-chan holds a glass of juice in both hands and drinks it coolly. In the meantime, the lucky ones stay out of the way. Smart.

Puu said to the beggar, as he put the cup on the table after he finished drinking.

It was delicious!


Yeah. The ghost seems to be satisfied. She must like to help you. One in the family, ghost. I think I'll take a tame too.

"By the way, um..." That's the way to say it, but what do you do when you get in the way? I don't know if you want to tell anyone about it, but I think I'll be worried. "

"At that time, I'll talk to you confidentially for a minute." I'm going out to the woods or something. "

I'd like to see that.

But I see. You're taking care of that area, aren't you?

"Bark bark. Bark bark bark."



Well, even if you're not a helper, it might be good for you as a playmate. That sounds like a lot of fun.

"Well, what are we going to do now?" Len-chan, do you want to play at home today? "


The man who was stroking the balloon tilts his neck. After a moment of thought, Len suddenly stood up.


Len-chan pulls the ghost's hand and goes outside. I wonder if I'll introduce it to everyone.

”No, Mirai, is that okay? Len-chan's gone.

I'd rather you chase me. I want to see more Len-chan!

"That's true, too." Let's go after him. "

I might just introduce a new friend to the Len-chan family, but I don't know if that's okay. Len-chan is alive and very cute.

That's why I went around the platform with Len afterwards.

Len-chan, who introduced everyone to the ghost, was very cute.



Achievement of quotas

I knew I had to have this.

"Hmm. It doesn't start or end without this."

"Shut up!"