I've played this game for quite some time, but I still don't know what it is. And Mirai thought to herself, oh my God.

In the meantime, looking at it in front of me, I wanted to scream from the bottom of my heart.

What's a dungeon?




"The end doesn't make sense anymore."

No, no, really. This is it.

There is a mansion in front of me. The day before yesterday, I tamed a haunted place with Ren-chan. The mansion was changing.

It started yesterday at the end of delivery. Someone commented that it would be interesting to go to the Mansion in the evening hours, so I asked you to stagger the time to log in.

Then, at 16 o'clock in the real world, I came when the game was at night, but it was true that the Mansion had changed. I was, but...


Len-chan screamed happily. If Len-chan looks happy, it's no problem!

Well, yeah. That's what I mean. It was a haunted house that was decorated and decorated in such a way that the haunted dungeon was attacked.

You don't know what that means? It's okay, I don't know.

So, is this really a haunted house?

That's right.

There's a sign on the gate, right?

Ugh, ghosts!

I really don't like it because it's written. Moreover, it is a very cute lettering sign. And all of them. What's so cute about this?

"Hey, you're a ghost!" I want to go in! "

"Um, yeah..."

It was Len's first haunted house. I think I can understand the excitement. I'm not very enthusiastic, though. I'm not scared, though.

Oniichan, can't you?

No way. Let's go.


That's why we're entering the haunted mansion!

Through the gate, in front of the door, a box of paper was left waiting on a small table. There's money in the paper box. I see, let's put it in there.

"Sprinkle! Sprinkle! Sprinkle!"

Yeah. Looks like they're explaining something to me... I have no idea what you're talking about!

It's cute!

And you'll be captured by Len-chan. They're hugging me and snoring me. I was wondering if I'd resist, and I was somehow happy. That's a friendly haunt.

What kind of a friendly ghost is that?

What's the matter, Mirai lol?

A friendly ghost? He's right in front of you.

There's no difference between a ghost in a regular dungeon and a cloud of mud.

You're already saying this isn't a normal dungeon, right?

On the contrary, you call a dungeon a regular dungeon that only emits a hostile monsieur?

That's true!

I wonder why the viewer is a little upset when they tell me.

Anyway, it's a haunted mansion. I have to pay to get in. Uh, how much is it?

Haunted mansion, two. How much?

Ask the balloon that is still held by Len-chan. I turned my small hand to the table.

"She's big and cute."

Len-chan began to clench his hand.

You're so cute when you grab the little ghost's hand.

I'm clenching my hands lol

It's a bit smiling when you're looking at it.

Looking at the table, there was a plate with the admission fee written on it. It's as cute as a sign.


What's so cute about this lol?

Is this ghost trying to kill us?

The new one is not about killing the curse. What do you mean, "ghost"?

I'll materialize a hundred gold coins and put them in a paper box. It's between me and Len-chan. When he confirmed it, he stepped away from Len-chan and opened the door. It seems that you are welcome.

Can I come in?


Sounds good. Let's go.

I'm coming!

While entering, Len-chan waved her hand at the balcony, and the balcony was also waving happily back. It was cute.

The door closes slowly and loudly. When the door closed, it was very dark in the building, unlike at noon. It looked faint.

Originally, but...

Huh? Isn't that a melon?


It's darker in Len's hospital room, so we can see clearly when we get used to it.

Seriously, I can barely see you.

It's darker in your hospital room.

You don't have to tell me what you were trying to avoid!

This is all, well, yeah. It can't be helped.

Okay. Right in front of you. I feel like the room is smaller than it was when I got here for lunch, but it looks like I'm building a wall with something like a panel. The handmade feeling is amazing. There was also a piece of paper on the wall for guidance.

Junlo, I'm writing lol

No gnawing! www

Akan, the ghost is too cute www

If you imagine writing this hard, it's really only cute.

Hey, let's go?

That's right.

Let's follow the directions with Len-chan, who doesn't have any fearful gestures. I can't wait to see what happens.