"Well, anyway. They were both dead ends, but what are we going to do about this?"


"No, I don't think he's lost."

I can't help it, so I don't care a bit about it. Let's ask him where it is.

When it came to these babies, they were both held by Len-chan. Both are somewhat pleasant. Is that all right, ghost child?

"This bummer." How do you proceed with the maze? "

When Len-chan asked, the two looked at each other and took out a sketchbook. When you open the sketchbook, there is a pinky pinky letter there. The sketchbook is shared by everyone, isn't it?

Piko, piko, piko, piko. You showed me that.

Mikanjese www

Damn it www

No way www

I can't believe it! Incomplete... yeah...

When the sketchbooks were erased, the buggers covered their faces with small hands, looking a little embarrassed. I peeked between them and my hands. What's so cute about this?

No, calm down. I'll see what I can do next.

"Well, what should I do now?"

When asked, the buggers turned their gaze toward the door. A door that opens on its own without anyone touching it. This might be my first scary point. "Like a door that opens on its own..."

I peeked at my injured face from the other side of the door.

"I thought that was it!"

How dare you!

I know how you feel, but relax lol

Calm down, Mirai. The ghost is opening the door, isn't she? Isn't that a scary point?

I see, if you ask me. The ghost opens the door on his own. It's definitely a scary point to think about normally.

Look at the door. Look at the balloon peeking in the face. He's looking at me with his squinty eyes. It's like, you're not coming? "It's like I'm saying..."

"It's cute."

It's cute.

It's cute.

Everyone's heart was united, I felt that way.

If you open the door like this, you can go ahead.

Len-chan, let's go.


Leave the room with Len-chan... ah, are you taking the bastards with you? Is it okay to follow this bag? Okay. I see.

"It's loose..."

You're loose.

The haunted mansion progresses with the haunted. What the hell is this? lol

What kind of haunted house is that?

Then this is your next room.


The baggage opened the door for me, so I go in. The room was very clean inside. There is a white tablecloth hanging on the center table. There are two chairs and two utensils. Maybe because we came in together?

"Hey, buddy."


Looking at Len-chan, she wrote something in the sketchbook. No, I tried to write it, but it stopped on the way, and I wrote something again. Did you make a mistake?

And the sketchbook you showed me.

The place to eat rice... www

Didn't you come out of the restaurant... lol

Finally, even the haunted house elements are missing lol

I tried my best to make the first room a mess, and the second room a dark maze. I finally feel like I've given up.

“What are you going to do with this? The previous time you came, it was four rooms, right? Huh? There's only one room left. What are you going to do with this?"

You're going to be a haunted house!

The biggest grass in the past

Calm down, Mirai. I think I packed everything in the last room.

That's what I think.

I'll sit down with Lin-chan for now. One of the chairs is a little taller, according to your height. You've done all you can.

Okay. What do I have to do?

I don't think it matters anymore, but this place is a dungeon. "That's why it's not strange to be struck by surprise..."

The door was knocked on with a konny.


”Mirai's expression is getting interesting lol”

It's a dungeon, so you were supposed to be vigilant.

As a result of my vigilance, I knocked on the door. It's polite lol

That's quite right. Somehow, it really loosens your strength.

Well, anyway. Go ahead. When I said, the door was opened. It was the haunted that came in. It's not a small haunted ghost, but a big haunted ghost.

"What is a big ghost ghost!?"

Calm down www

I know what you're trying to say and what you're probably thinking somehow, but lol

Look, Mirai. Is there anything more you want to say to the ghost than that?

“How's it going?

"I have a bad feeling about this..."

I see a ghost coming in. Seriously. That head.

Cock hat.

"Yeah. Okay. I won't say anything."

I gave up lol

That's right lol

Well, I'm happy for you!

That's right, isn't it? Len-chan's eyes are shining when she sees Mr. Cook's ghost. Glittering eyes. I wonder if it's somehow my imagination that ghosts look illuminated.





Ah, it's shining. I'm so embarrassed to blow my head off. I wonder if they are vulnerable to pure compliments.