The ghost softly offered me a menu. This is really a restaurant, isn't it? There are only haunted elements in the haunted house. For now, though.

Well, it's a big deal, so let's order it. Receive a menu from the ghost and try to open it. That's a decent letter, unlike this one. It's a decent letter.

"Hey, show me!"

It's okay.

When I gave the menu to Len-chan, she started to look happy and immediately tilted her neck.

What is this?

Well, you can't read it.

"Too much has been accomplished..."

Are you a professional calligrapher?

Too many brushes to read

Where are the ghosts headed lol?

I'm a little proud of the haunted, but I'm a little angry. I can't write so well.

But the proud face of such a ghost collapsed in one word.

"It's a script, isn't it..."


I couldn't stand it because I was too surprised!

The ghost is in shock lol

I admit it's an achievement, but from a child, it's just a word I can't read lol

"Words that I can't read = poor, I can't help but think so lol"

My child's feelings are straightforward!

"Ahahaha! Zaahaha!"


The ghost's doya face is getting a little wet lol

I don't know how you feel lol

But Mirai-chan looks really strange.

Oops, that's not good. Take off my expression.

"I'm sorry, ghost." Could you please make it a little easier to read? "

As she returned the menu, the ghost nodded as she dropped her shoulders. No, where's my shoulder?

And the next thing I brought with me was a menu. When it was open, it was a very easy-to-understand menu.

Oku-plenty lol

There are so many of you lol

Good evening, Riko!

That's the last time I saw you... lol

I wonder what it is. I'm a little curious. After all, it was all cute Hiragana.

Um... I wonder which one of these is the right answer? If you pick the wrong one, you'll be thrown out. Hmm... What should I do?


It seems that while I was thinking about it, Len-chan decided. It's the most unexpected menu, but I guess you're definitely making up your mind.

I wonder what's coming out of it. It's coming out.

Something with ingredients that I like in the soup lol

I think I'll put some cake in the pot.

Just imagine it and you're gonna throw up, so don't do it.

The cake in the pot is absolutely horrible.

I'll have plenty of fun without any difficulty. Even if I did, I'd be able to eat with you.

Well then, I'll give you plenty of p * ssy.


Ah, the dresser responded. He bows his head in joy. The cigarette is more bowed to Len-chan. I wonder if this is made by a cigarette after all.

I have a bad feeling about this.

It's a coincidence, so am I.

There's nothing but fear.

It would be nice if it could be eaten properly.

The ghosts and bums are leaving. There was only one left. One of them is playing with his goodwill.

"Plenty, plenty, plenty."

"Plenty, plenty, plenty."

"Len-chan is the cutest girl in the world to play with!"

Easy lol

Calm down.

Which one?

No, but I'm calm. Yep. Ran-chan is cute.


"He's suddenly starting to bug."

It feels like a place to rest, so you lost your mind, right?

I mean, aren't you always out of your mind?

I see, indeed.

"Shut up."

It's true that I've settled down a bit.

Three minutes after the ghosts left, they came back with food. "No, I have it, I don't know..."

Too early to grass

Almost three minutes. Is it cup noodles?

That's easy www

I'd rather stick to that floating dish.

It's just a poltergeist.

It's just that lol

That's right, isn't it? All the dishes that seem to contain food float sputteringly. The area around the haunted balloon was sputtering. If you're a poltergeist, it's a very useful technique. I don't think it's a skill. I want to remember.

The ghosts slowly put the floating dishes on our table. For the time being, all plates are covered with lids.

The ghost took a lid from the plate in front of me. It's a thick steak that still makes the sound of grilling meat. It seems very tasty to look at.

The haunted ghost began to speak happily, whether she was concerned about my reaction.

"Bam. Bam. Bam." Bags. Bags. "

"I see. I don't know."


I think he explained the dishes to me. It didn't make any sense!