Well, this is a shame lol

Are you the one who understood this properly?

As expected, there's no such thing lol

"The shocked ghost is a bit cute lol"

You're cute by letting your eyes wiggle. No, I'm sorry. But I don't know what I don't know.

Also, in addition to meat, other rice and corn soup. They all look delicious.

It looks delicious as usual

"Honestly, I just want to go eat."

What's the most important taste?

I'm curious about the taste, but before I do, I need to check out your dish.

Looking towards Len-chan, the burglars almost took the lid of the dish. The two of them had both ends, no.

"It's cute, but what about the poltergeist...?"

Don't shove it in lol

I thought so lol

When they opened the lid, what was inside was a so-called children's lunch with a lot of dishes on a slightly larger plate.

The delicious dishes are subdivided and served in plenty. Some of them are like my steaks, and there are lots of hamburgers, Neapolitan tongue, deep-fried chicken, and other things that kids might like.

It's adorable in the shape of a hamburger and a bun. The rice is chicken rice, and there is also a banner.

It's a bit of a luxury kid's lunch, isn't it? I see. I think it's good.

"I see, child's lunch"

There's no way I'm going to serve you such a strange dish lol

Nice child's lunch. I want to try it. "

You may not be able to eat a lot, but it's very tempting to be able to taste a variety of cuisines.

"Wow...! Looks delicious!"

When Len shouted, the balloon bent its head like it was shining. It was cute.

While one of them was shining, the other started talking to Len-chan.

"Puff. Puff, puff, puff. Puff."

"Looks delicious!"


I nodded happily. I think there was no doubt that Len-chan didn't make sense, but this seems to be fine as a lockdown.

Well then, let's eat right away.


This is such a delicious dish. It's a waste if you don't eat it before it cools down. No, I don't think it's cool because it's a game, but it's a mood problem.

Thank you.

After the two of you and Len make a hand together, we'll have a real meal.

I'll try to cut the steak with the knife that you served me. The meat was cut very lightly. Is that how soft it is?

I stabbed it with a fork and ate it. "I hear good meat melts, but I see..."

"It's so delicious."

Vocabulary www

I can only tell you what's delicious lol

You can eat more repo, right?

Even if you say "dietary repo", it's difficult, right? At least I can't. Delicious food is delicious, that's enough.

When I look at Len-chan, my mouth is full of joy.

"Look at this happy face. Len-chan is cute. Uhehehehe....."

I totally agree, but don't hesitate lol.

Even if there is no food repo, just a delicious face is enough.

It looks really delicious.

You look so happy. You look so cute.

While eating, the ghosts walked out of the room in a hurry. What the hell is that?

"Now I'm trying to do something more like a haunted house"

It's really too late now lol

That's probably why I'm looking at it, but lol

I'd like to think it's just like that.

Those ghosts, they came right back. It's like a poltergeist, just like a dish. It's a cup and a drink on the table.

The drinks are orange juice and grape juice. The ghost is leaning his neck. I want you to choose one or the other, do you know what I mean?

Well then, with orange juice.

When I said that, the ghost nodded happily.

A bottle of orange juice rises alone and pours the juice into the glass.

"Maybe it's a horror element in a way."

You're floating on your own and being poured on your own.

After all, this is a haunted mansion. There's no doubt about it.

There's a haunted creature in front of me that seems satisfied.

I can't hear you.

Horror elements disappear when you see a ghost. If you see a ghost that is synonymous with horror elements, the horror elements will disappear. It's gone from meaning...!

Well, the old lady is so cute.



Now, what about Shin-chan?


I'm staring at the juice. I'm really lost. Maybe this is it, or maybe I want to drink both.

I wonder if juice isn't good for both of us?

Asked, the ghost quickly left the room and came back. It's an extra glass. Pour the juice into two cups.


Len-chan looks very happy.

Thank you!

Len-chan's full smile made the balcony look happy.

It's cute with a cute tongue and a cute necklace. fufu.