After that, I finished cooking without any particular changes. You're happy.

“So, what do we do now?”


I've never done a haunted mansion properly...

If I'd known she was so cute, I'd have gone there sooner...!


Well, there's not much point in trying to get into a haunted mansion in a fantasy game. Of course, there are games where you can experience the amusement park, so if you want a haunted house, you can go there.

No, because elementary school students can't play VR games, it seems that the game of experiencing the amusement park is not so popular.

"I know, but I'm silent. It's not good to be spoiled."

As usual, but the room is over.

Hmm. So I guess I can get out now. Maybe they'll show me to the next room when I get out.

Take a seat with Len-chan. Wave to the ghosts and walk towards the door. And when I tried to open it, I didn't open it.


"Hey, what's wrong?"

"No, I didn't open it."

"Nh? Oh, really..."

Even if Len tried, the door wouldn't open. No way, when I looked back, the ghost in the cock hat began to laugh very pleasantly. Laugh, it's the one.

Baba baba baba baba!

"No, there's nothing nervous about it!?" Didn't you have any more ways to laugh!? "


Don't say that www

Look, you can't throw away the characters you've cultivated so far, can you?

Results, Bakkeba

"No... that's why..." I'm not scared at all... "


Even if you look like that, I'll be in trouble. At least if it was a scary haunted house, it might be good.

”Not only was it so scary, but it was so cute all the time, so I can't help it anymore...”

That's right.

Even horror productions look cute lol

Rather, whatever you do is cute lol

It's true.

"It was a bit wrong from the beginning, from the sign."

"Balloon... balloon...!?"

What is that? lol

It was already cute from the sign lol

Even the dungeons are about to be forgotten. Rather, I forgot.

Besides. And more.


"Thank you, Bao-chai!"

The hole from the outside opened it normally!


"No, um... that's a good one." Spare me. Report and contact me. I have to make sure that you tell the rest of us properly. "


"Oh, did you say that? Uhh... uhh... well! It's a child's job!"


I'm following the ghost desperately, and frankly, it's grass.

I don't know how you feel lol

”I'm so depressed that I can see it... lol”

I wonder what the situation is. What am I supposed to do with this?

Well, yeah. Let's move on, because I've been pulling my hands back like that.

"Ghost! The rice was delicious!"

When Len-chan said that at the end,


I was in a good mood for a second.

As expected of you!

But I think Mirai should be angry.

"Why? I would be very happy to be praised by Len-chan." Everybody's happy. I'm happy. "

Ah, yes.

”As expected of Mirai-chan......”

Finally, the last room. I wonder what kind of room this is.

The first room is pikopiko han, the second room is filled with orange juice, and the third room is where you swallow and eat rice, right?

If you put it in line again, I'll www

Not a single decent room lol

A house where you can play with ghosts, or a haunted house for short?

It's no longer a scam lol

It was good because it was fun for me. Len-chan seems to be having fun too.

Okay, let's open it. I opened the door with Len and went inside.

The room was not very different from when I came to lunch. It's a study room. If there's a difference, it's very clean. All the furniture is unbroken and the room is clean and tidy.

When I came to lunch, there were no books or papers in the bookshelf.

Hmm... What is this?

"Ah, this bastard!"

Len-chan found a floating balloon in the center of the room. The balloon is tilting its neck strangely. Neck? Yeah. Neck.


"Sprinkle! Ehehe"


I'm going to start playing with Yen-chan.

Yeah. Huh? Has he been around all this time, gone? "No, that's not all, it seems that the comments are no longer flowing..."

"Ah, I got a message from Alice..."

Um, if we keep going, we'll be done. It seems to be such a directing.

Hmmm... it sounds like it's just like it, but I don't know what to do.

"It's all over!"

"It's all over!"

That looks like fun over there.

Suddenly, the balloon turned to me.


After pointing at the desk in the back of the room, I started playing with you again. I wonder if there is anything on the desk.

I approached the desk and found a book. A diary, huh? You mean you can't read it?