"On March 5, Karen developed a mysterious illness for a month, and she hasn't recovered yet. On the contrary, it feels like it's getting worse."

"March 10th. My wife developed it. Is it an infectious disease? No one came near my house, and my servants quit."

March 20th. My wife passed away. "

April 1st. It looks like I got infected too.

"April 3rd. My body is starting to get stuck. I can't die yet, Karen.”

Shiga Hachi

When I woke up on May 1st, neither my father nor my mother were there. But instead, the cute ghosts are on my side. ”

May 3rd, I'm sick of something. I can't move my body much, but the little ghost brought me a diary, so I wrote it like this. ”

May 5th is child's day today. A little ghost gave me sweets. It was so delicious! Thank you for saying that, the little ghost was shining. It was cute!

On May 10th, the ghosts asked me what I wanted to do by gesturing. When I said that I wanted to play with everyone, I was a little sad. I'm sorry for saying such a bad thing. "

"On May 13, I was asked if there was anything else, but I was already satisfied. But after all, I wanted to play with everyone. I didn't use the toy hammer that the little ghost brought me, and I ended up quitting the maze... Oh, yes, I want to eat something delicious."

"You're going to make two tasty things. I'm sorry. You can do whatever you want.”

Thank you.

"What the hell is so heavy!?"

No, of course not! It's a ruin! Ruins are obviously ruins for a reason! I didn't think you were going to hit me at the end!

Have you finished reading?

It's a rather mild expression. Isn't it okay for Len-chan to see it?

I can't even show you this lol

No, really. It's depressing.

By the way, what was it originally?

"You can relive the story of the family in that house."

Some of the ghosts. They found the mansion where no one was left, and no one came in, so they made it their home. ”

Then there was a girl who was still alive, but she was almost dead, so I started living with her to watch over her.

Isn't the ghost too kind!?

No, well, I knew it that far. Every ghost is gentle.

So this haunted mansion is fulfilling Karen's last wish?

That's right.

I couldn't play with you, so at least I hope you'll have fun in heaven.

"I see..."

No, but it's too much of a drop. Even though it was a fun house so far, this is the truth. I don't know how to react.

"Hey, Chan."


When Len-chan called and looked at you, Len-chan held a large bag in his hands. The big bag contains a lot of sweets. Rather, it's still packed. Is it a souvenir?

The bag was carefully closed when it was said that it could not enter any further. I was trying my best with my small hands.

And the locket looked at me. Seeing me holding the diary book, I nodded happily.


"Huh? Um... spanking!"


The bulk looks very happy. It looks more like fun than fun. I thought so, so I gave him a bag and started packing sweets in the same way.

"Wow... thank you."

It's all over!

And the door opens. Apparently, this room is over. I wonder if that was the case with the last spoiler.

It's over already?

I nodded with joy at the lonely lingerie. She's been having a lot of fun.

Let's go home, Len-chan.


When you put sweets in your inventory and leave the room properly,



At some point, the room was bright.



"Bam! Bam!"


There's a lot of ghosts and bald eggs coming and going. When I wondered what you were doing, I brought the panels into the maze room and made a sign...

I'm still working on it. To make it more fun.

"Hey, what's the matter?"

"Hmm. Nothing." Let's go home, shall we? "


As we tried to get out of the Mansion, the working ghosts turned around.



Saying that, he waves his hand. Come again, I wonder if it's a good thing?

I'll come visit you again.

I'll see you soon!

Everyone laughed with great joy as we waved back.

By the way, Mirai-chan, I'm going to give you an extra spoiler.

Huh? What?

Just one in the study. It seemed so much fun, didn't it?

"Yeah. You seemed like the funniest bastard."

That bastard, Karen-chan.


In this case, do you think I fulfilled my dream...? "