Len-chan's getting tossy...

You're spoiling me so much lol

It's a game. No matter how much you eat, you won't get fat.

Drink the juice and gulp down the cookies. Somehow, I feel like I'm doing something really extravagant. I'm too happy to be fuzzy.

That's right. I mean...

Fu, fu, fu...



Oh no! It's a new word! Call Len-chan's specialist sister!

It was a shame! He's a movie!

You're a useless sister when it matters!

Normally I'll www

Somehow, the comments are noisy, but as a person, I'm enjoying happiness. Eat cookies, drink juice,

Fu, fu, fu...


I know you're happy for now.

You seem happy, and I'm happy too.

I love you so much.

Are they okay?

"Hmm. I think it's too late."

Oh, my God!

If you eat it quickly, the number of cookies will decrease. Then Alice-san immediately put in a change for me. Looking at Alice, she said, "Please," and laughed.

I will eat cookies again. They are very delicious.

Did you see that, guys?

I saw it.

The smile of that flower when I got the change.

Good. Very good.

It's Shiatsu Fu La.

Well then, Lin-chan!


After the snack. Len stood in front of Alice and raised his hand. Greetings are cheerful and friendly.

"I've prepared a lot of things for you today, so try a lot." What do you start with? "

What? Could this be...?

Is this your fashion show!?

Kitaro! I can't see you!

Somehow there are a lot of comments flowing, but it flows so fast that I can't read them. I will give up.

It's all yours!

"Oops. Well then, nnh..." I'm coming! "

Then you will equip the clothes that Alice gave you. My outfit changed quickly. Overall, it is dark and fluttering.

'Huh. Gothic Lolita? You're doing a good job. "

Something strange is boiling lol


It's cute.

It is somehow fluttering and fluttering. It's a little hard to move, but this is it, and it's a little fresh.

"Likes, likes! She's cute!"

"Hmm. Wow. Let's go. Beeeeeee

I'm taking pictures as they are...

Alice still understands, but it's Lulu.

”I'm taking pictures with no expression, let's be frank... no, I'm scared. Simply”

Looks like you're both filming a lot of stuff. Perhaps it would be nice if the two of you were happy.

Alright, let's do this next!

"Hmm. I want you to wear this."

The pressure from the two of you is great. Len dressed in various clothes, smiling bitterly.

And at night, I told Alice.

"I'll listen to what you're saying." I'll kill you without any questions. "

"There's no point in asking that!?"

“How's it going?


On the way home from the movie. I was wearing my earphones and watching today's broadcast, but I was so jealous.

"What is a fashion show?" I wanted to see it too. "

"Ah, it's that way." But you can see it in the records..... "

"I know you want to see it raw, but ahhh!"


Grabbing Alice's shoulder and shaking back and forth, Alice apologized in a panic. No, well, I'm not that angry. Really. I'm not mad at you. Are you sure about this?

"Are you sure...?"

"Really. I'm not really mad at you because I asked you to do this."

Not at all. No, just for a little while, I think he did it when I wasn't around.

But it's okay? I think I got a lot of clothes.

"I want to give you more. I want you to wear more." More, more, more. "

"...... Wow......"

"I'm sorry, it hurts me a little if I'm pulled so hard."

No, I mean, my face was pretty awesome.

Okay. I'm at Alice's now. It's a shop in Secan, and it's like a reception room, and it's a mess for two. Len-chan was there until 30 minutes ago, but it was time so I fell.

I'd like to be with you more. I will tell you what I think of the movie tomorrow.

I hear that you'd like to explore Saz, but how about Alice?

"Me? Anytime." I want you to tell me the day before. "


I'm relieved that Alice will follow me. Of course I'm going with you, but I'd rather have more insurance. Besides, you're a thunderbolt. It's a city where weird people live.

"Thank you for playing with my goodwill today." Ah, be sure to submit photos of the fashion show. "

Ahahaha, I understand.

Friends are what you need to have!

"By the way, Mirai-chan, how about clothes like this?"

"Oh... that's good, that's great, Alice..."

"Yeah, yeah. I thought Milay would understand..."

Friends are the best!