Len starts eating Frankfurt with plenty of ketchup. Is it delicious, Nikon? You don't get fat no matter how much you eat here. I want you to eat a lot.

When I saw it, I finally tried the mustard.


"Somehow, he's got an amazing look on his face."

"If I don't like it hard, I won't be able to do anything about it..."

Even adults don't like people they don't like.

Mr. Edgar laughs while baking an extra Frankfurt. I know how you feel. I'd like to laugh a little, too, but I have to put up with it because I'm going to get mad at you.

Len-chan, can I sprinkle more ketchup?

Is that okay?

Of course.

Mr. Edgar nodded, so I added more ketchup. Plenty. Plenty. Plenty.

"No, it's too much...?"

A lot of kids like ketchup, don't they?

A lot of adults like it, too.

But I think there's a limit.

Shall we shut up there?

It's good because the ketchup-rich lemongrass looks delicious. The area around the mouth is bright red. If you try to do it in real life, you may have to be careful.

By the way, Mirai-chan.

Something's wrong, Alice-san.

Well, I think it's kind of like I'm going to urge you too.


"How about a yukata or something...?"

Hmm. Yukata. Hmm.

"I forgot...!"


"No way! Too many clothes to be honest, I can't remember much...!"

That's right! It's a summer festival, so it's a yukata! "When you're done eating, change your clothes..."

I've prepared this new yukata for Mirai-chan.

"Hey, Alice? I just got too much, and I just said it?"

Don't you want it?


What the hell is this exchange?

”I don't know if I should refrain from doing this, but I also have a suspicion that I want to push my clothes for my sister and my cute little Lin-chan.”

In that way, my sister would look right.

What do you mean? Let's do this.

As usual, you receive your yukata via the trade screen. Yeah. I think it's great this time.

"Len-chan! It's a new yukata... how many times is Len-chan...?"


"No, even if I can tilt my neck while eating..."

I have Frankfurt in my hands sometime. And after all, I had plenty of ketchup.

I got a new yukata.


Oh, I started eating with great energy. Amazing momentum... no, it's just because my mouth is small, it's just a little early. I don't know. They're eating like squirrels.

Squirrel Chan

Oh, I see, I'm so pissed.

Don't flicker

I see, let's make it.


Somehow, there's going to be more new clothes on. Squirrels this time.

Give your yukata to the man who finished eating Frankfurt. Len-chan was already used to it and quickly put it on.

I wonder if your yukata is dark blue or blue this time? That's the color. There's a firework pattern in red. It just looks a little grown-up, invisible...

"Nfu... kawa..." Upper hehehe..... "


I don't care about my sister's insanity, Lin-chan.

Wow for a moment, you returned to Frankfurt after seeing it lol

That's a little sad!

By the way, my yukata is dark red. And the pattern of the waves is painted in light blue.

And in time, Alice was wearing a yukata. This one is pale blue. No particular pattern, very simple. As Alice said, how long can I spend on my clothes?

It looks like Alice, but as a girl, how about that?

Yeah. I don't think Mirai's the only one to tell me!

"What do you mean?"

That's how it is.

No, well, I don't really care.

But when I saw her wearing a yukata like this, I knew they were all beautiful girls.

"The facial deviation value is high."

It doesn't matter if you're cute because you're going around happily in your new yukata.

That's right, that's more important.

”Honestly, after seeing Mirai's yukata, I can only imagine that this guy was a woman.”

"Hey, Alice. You can kill these guys, right?"

Thank you, Mirai-chan. I know how you feel.

I admit that Len-chan is more important.

Len is holding Lucky in his hands. Frankfurt seems to be satisfied. Without a heart, Mr. Edgar looks like he's done it.

Nevertheless, I guess that's the only reason I took the cooking skills. Where does the passion come from?

No, Mirai, if you think that if you take a certain skill, you'll be happy, right?

"I see. I completely understand and understand."

I told you, I don't know what I'm talking about, but seriously www

There's no reason to beat Len-chan! I can't help it!