After saying goodbye to Mr. Edgar, our next move was a shooting. I thought maybe I knew you like Mr. Edgar, but that's not true.

"Nh, welcome."

No, that happened.

"What are you doing, Lulu?"

"Hmm. Shotgun. Magical. It's fun, maybe."

“Maybe,” he said.

I don't think I can do it if the people in the store aren't confident.

It seems like Len-chan is curious. I'm pinching a small pistol on the table. You think it's dangerous and squeeze it with your fingertips.

"It's cute."

"It's cute."

It's cute.

When my heart was united, I felt like that.

I thought you were making something, but you were making something like this.

Alice looked at the pistol curiously and listened.

"Hmm. I asked someone with high craftsmanship skills to make it for me." The reward is to help this store. "

No, it's strange that rewards can help.

"It's not weird."

Lulu turned to the back of the stall. On the right side of the shelf where the prize was lined up, there was it.

"Fuhi... I'm having a baby..." I'm glad I helped. It's cute. I like it. Ufufu... "


There was a terrible person.

"No, you can't." It's a bit disgusting to say or do. "

Oh, Mirei, do you hate your own family?

Well, calm down and look back on what you've done.

And be aware that you are worse off.

"No, I'm not that bad either... right?"

Asked Alice, she was distracted. I was a little shocked when I looked at Lulu. After all, I was distracted.

"No, wait. Huh? Really?"

"Um, you know..." Yeah... yeah... "


It's an unprecedentedly subtle smile! I can even feel the care!

But it came from a place I didn't expect to end up.

That person, looks like Onee-chan


"In other words, from your point of view, there's no big difference..."

I accidentally poked my knee at the scene. No, but I see. "Was I like that...?"

"Fuhi...... Lee, Len-chan...... Do you want to shoot? If you hit the prize, I'll give it to you...."

I want to do it!

"Nfu...... Well then... let's get ready......"


Soot came out of the shadows of the shelves. And the moment I saw that person,

“How's it going?

Alice was a little nervous.

"No, what? Why are you wearing a robe?" And grey. I don't know what that means. Hey, come here. "


Alice grabs the bad guy's wrist and pulls him. Len-chan is so cute that she's leaning her neck. Ah, Lulu has entered the following.

"Nh. Len-chan, I'll teach you how to do it."


I think I'll leave it to you. "So, this way..."

"Take the hood. Now."

"Uuhi... it's Alice-san." It's Mr. Raw Alice... "Pretty. I love it."

Anyone can do it! Are you the one?

"I'm sorry, Mirai, I'll correct you." This one is better. "

There's no need to be discouraged, this guy www

I'm so scared of grass...... I'm sorry, I can't......

Something amazing has come up. I know it's a girl, but I don't think it's a girl's behavior.

"Yeah. I knew it. The material is good." more cute clothes..... "

"I like this robe..." plain squid..... "


I don't know. I think there's blue in Alice's forehead. Somehow I can see that you can't forgive me as a fashionista.

Along with the strange laughing person who was wearing the hood again, Alice seemed to be irritated by the azure skin. What the hell is this drawing?

"Somebody help me."

Don't talk nonsense.

Look, there's Len-chan there, right?

I need you to heal me.

"I will."

So I took off the scary air and went to Len-chan.

Len gripped the pistol and almost pulled the trigger.

A small ball of water is fired at the same time as the mild sound of "pang." I wonder why it is a polka dot. Maybe it's a tool like that.

The polka dots hit the wall through the box of sweets on the shelf.


Too bad, Len-chan. Let's try again soon.

Lulu, how many times do I have to do this?

"Five times, but I can use it as many times as I want."

Ho ho, what do you mean?

I'll forget the countdown until Len hits something.

"That's right, Lulu."

Is that all right?

It would be cheap for your happy face!

But if you pass too many degrees, you'll fall apart.

That's right, isn't it? If you've done it ten times or more, you'll be wondering too. So I hope you drop something by then.