Lulu and I were watching as we drank our saliva.

"Go away!"

A box of sweets fell after a cute hollering from Len-chan. Apparently, it was dropped safely. It was just the fifth time, within the original number of times. That's right, Lin-chan.

"Hmm. Here's your prize."


What Len-chan got is a box of chocolates. It's a real treat, isn't it? He must have partnered with the operation or something. I don't know much about that either.

"Hey! Little! Little!"

"Yeah, yeah. That's good, Len-chan."

"Hee-hee. Lucky, look, it's a little bit." I took it! "

Len-chan shows off his chocolate with his luck. Lucky looked strange, but she immediately sang happily. Maybe I'm lucky to see a happy Len-chan, though I don't quite get it. It must be.

What is this healing space?

The Dance of Joy of the Little Ones

”It's such a mysterious dance that you'll be happy to see me watching...”

I see it. I see it. You guys are disgustingly burned!

You, too.

When I look at it too, I can't help it. It's cute!

You're lucky to look happy, woof, and have fun.

"Nfufu... you're a joyous len-chan..." Hah, good, very good..... "

I forgot the bad guys.

Alice has a slightly distant eye that may have given up. You noticed my gaze, and you shrugged your shoulders.

"This girl, this robe is the most calm." If you say that, I won't be able to say anything. ”

She smiled bitterly, saying that her hobby was best. I guess Alice would like to dress up more.



The horrible man was in front of me at some point. He was scared.

"Nfu... I knew Mirai-san was cute..." It's so cute. I'm so happy to see it up close... Gufufu...... I'm honored...... "

"Akan! This girl is really bad!" What the hell! "

And your Esse Kansai valve lol

You actually have plenty of room to spare lol

No, yeah. Words alone don't really touch me. I'm just being watched. I'm scared of that.

"Lulu. Well, why did you ask this person to do it...?"

"...... because it's making me skill in craftsmanship......"


Seriously. Not as bad as Alice, but he was a pervert, too.

"Hey Mirai-chan, have you thought about anything strange?"

It's my imagination.

I see.

That's right ~

When the two of you have such a conversation,

"Good... two good friends..." I'll tell you what.... "



What kind of relationship do we have in this guy?

I don't know.

Is there only a pervert who's making production skill cants?


"I'm sorry."

It's not like Alice said she was a pervert. It's true.

In fact, I think he's one of the most perverts in the production skill team.

Oh, do you know anyone?

There is a page that summarizes the people who are putting their production skills to work. Even in that summary, this one is a very special kind of treatment. "


By the way, Alice was a common sense person until a while ago, but her recent behavior swept her into a perverted frame.


Well, there's a page like that. Maybe I should take a look at it.

Alice is in a strange panic, but don't worry. Already on our side. Yeah.

"Hey, Chan."

Ah, Lin-chan is back. I'm hugging you, so I'll give you a hug.

What's the matter, Lin-chan?

I'm cumming!

"Ah, you did it again." What did you take this time? "

Tsk tsk!

Hmm? Len-chan has the same pistol as the one she used in this shootout... I wonder if it was in the prize.

When I looked at Lulu, I was replenishing the prize. Oh, really. There's a pistol.

"Hey! Bhahn!"


Len-chan put the gun up, so I tried acting like that. It looks like you liked it, and you're laughing happily.

"Len-chan is paying you back!"

C 'mon!

Hunt Len-chan! Tickle me!

"Nfu... after all, sisters are the best..." Speaking of which, speaking of which.... "

"...... You're treating me the same as this girl......?"

Don't worry, Alice, this one is really shocking.

”But I remember seeing his reaction somewhere...”

Tip, we

I see, it's just like the real us!

You guys are probably the same, right?

Alice is talking about something, but I play with my goodwill.

Hey, hey, hey!