What, isn't this too elaborate?

"Wow... this is amazing."

"Hmm. I think the person who made it is stupid."


"Hey, Len-chan, you can't imitate that."


Right in front of us is a ramen stall. It's not like a nightclub, it's a stall that can be properly pushed and transported. The music of ramen is playing as if it were a drama from the past.

It's an awesome reproduction. Although I haven't seen it in real life.

Oh my God, I'm so nostalgic, I can't cry.

I don't want to see it anymore...

But I have one thing to say.

Is it not related to the festival?

Mirai-chan, I promise I won't say that.

The reproducibility is great, but the festival has nothing to do with it. When it comes to the noodles that come out at the festival, I think it's yakisoba. I hardly ask about ramen.

But, yeah. I definitely want to try this.

Lin-chan, can I stay here?


So it's a decision here. I pressed my goodwill and peered at the stall. And I was there,

"Oh, there you are... eh?"


She was a very familiar figure with full body armor.

What are you doing? I love horses!

Why do horse lovers make ramen lol

"It's none of your business lol"

Really. I didn't expect a horse lover to come out here.

"No, honestly, that's my line..." Why did you go to the ramen stall at the festival...? "

“I think that's our line!”

In the first place, it's strange to be doing ramen stalls at a festival!

I want to penetrate a lot of things, but I think I'll start with ramen. Len-chan is already sitting in the chair. Sit tight and look at the horse lover with excitement.

It seemed that the horse lover had noticed it, and said with a smile.

"Hmm. Well done." I'll make you anything. "

"Eh, are you going to role play now?" Isn't it too late? "

"Shut up!"

Ah, yes. I'm sorry.

Now, what do you want to eat?


Len-chan is tilting her neck with a smile. I don't think I understood the meaning.

"...... Kon. What do you want to eat, Ran-chan?"


"Yeah... um... what kind of ramen is that?"

"What? What ramen?"


The horse-lover looks at me like he needs help. It's not that difficult.

What kind of horse lovers are there?

"Soy sauce, miso, salt."

"Yeah. Then, Len-chan." Which is better, soy sauce ramen or miso ramen? "

By the way, I've never eaten salted ramen before, so I don't want to put it in my choices. I don't know if it will suit you.

"Ngh... ngh... both!"

Well done, you bastard!

C 'mon!

I'll punish you for your greed! Put your stomach on your lap!


"Akan, I'll go on my own...!"

Well then, let's cut it in half.


Half of it is onee-chan's prerogative. We have to share the delicious food.

"Hmm...? What?"

"No, no, it's nothing."

"Hmm. I'm just happy to watch."

"This is... I can't believe it..."

What the hell are these guys?

For now, the order is soy sauce and miso ramen, one serving at a time. Lovers of horses will nod and start right away. It might be a little fun to watch ramen in the boiling water.

Len-chan is also watching the situation with her glittering eyes. I've never seen you make ramen. I'm curious.

"What did you two order?"

Ah, it looks like I'm in a role-play again.

Pork Bone

"Guangdong Noodles"

"Will you stop saying things that aren't on the menu?"

I think it's great to start making it while complaining. Looks like you only prepared the ingredients.

And the steaming ramen is served for four people. There's nothing unusual about the look of this ramen. By the way, there's also a small bowl next to your ramen noodles.

Well, before the noodles fall out... no, it's a game, but I'll take it anyway.

Before that.

I'll transfer a little of my miso ramen to Len-chan's small bowl. I put ramen in it, and the ingredients look good... Good. We've finished the mini ramen.

Tiny ramen!

Honestly, I don't think it makes much sense, but I'm satisfied that you're just happy.

Mirai is a waste of dexterity, isn't it?

No waste, no waste, no waste.

You idiot! It's not useless just to smile at Ran-chan!

I see!

If it weren't for Len-chan, I'd say it would be completely useless!

By the way, the taste was very good. Well, apparently, I had to leave it to my cooking skills.