I wonder where I should go next after I leave the horse-lover's stall. The food seemed to satisfy me for the time being, and I think Mencius is in a very good mood. While holding my hand with my right hand, I'm holding my lucky dexterously with my left hand.

"Next time, I want to do something other than food." Some kind of play or something. "


"Len-chan, you still want something to eat...?"

Even though I can't feel full, I think I ate quite a bit...

That's what I thought, but it seems like you had something to eat.

Tiny Castella and corn!


It's a classic nightclub.

I was convinced with Alice. Maybe he was watching some kind of cartoon. There are anime festivals in the summer.

Now, let's go eat those two last.

"So, commenter." Where should I go? "

When I asked about it, I got a response immediately.

Straight as it is

"The famous clan sells baby castellas and baked corn."

The famous clan is here!

Yeah. Okay. I see. There is no doubt about this flow.

It's Kimpika-san's guild, isn't it?

I feel safe in a nightclub where people I know work.

So, I walked a little to a big nightclub. It's bigger than any other nightclub, and there's a lot of people working. In addition to baby castellas and grilled corn, they may have a classic menu like octopus and yakisoba.

Did Kimpika-san's clan know how to cook so well?

I'm not denying people their style of play. However, I imagined that his clan was specialized in tactics.

"Hmm. There shouldn't be that many of them."

It was Lulu who taught me.

Ah, is that so?

"Hmm. Maybe I'm doing it with a clan cook I know."

Oh, I see. It's not like we have to do it with just one clan.

Baby Castella, for now. When I searched lightly, I found it immediately. There's a place lined up with bags containing lots of baby castellas. Let's go there for now.

"Len-chan, it looks like there."

"Tiny Castella!"

"Yeah. Tiny Castella."

Take a look at the baby castella space with the exciting young lady. There was a slightly longer line, so I had to wait.

I thought so.

Ah, Lin-chan!


"Baby Castella? Here you go!"

Go ahead!

When I noticed something, I was pushed to the beginning.


Len-chan, right?

Everyone's so sweet.

It's ridiculous to have you lined up!

Young girls take precedence over everyone else...

It's already been known that one of the chubby viewers has contacted Kim Kamikaze and that Len-chan is coming.


That doesn't make any sense at all. No, thank you.

For now, it's baby Castella.

"Welcome, Lin-chan"

The maker greeted me with a smile. She's a little girl. You're about my age, aren't you?

"I'll bake it now, so wait a minute." Or maybe there's a place to make it.... "

I want to see it!

"Ahahah. Here you go."

Apparently, they bother to show it to me. Could this row be the one you've been waiting for until you started baking? I'm sorry to bother you, but let's spoil your words.


Len-chan raised his hands and reminded me. Yeah. I want to see it.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.

I'll hold Len-chan up and make him visible. He confirmed it and started baking quickly.

Well, it's not that complicated. Pour the dough into the mould and clean the lid. Wait a minute, open it and you're done.


Still, it seemed like it was fun for Lin-chan. Your eyes are shining brightly.

I asked her to put the baby Castella in a paper bag and leave the place for now.

Thank you!

When Len-chan waved his hand while holding Baby Castella dearly, he smiled back even though he had just started baking the next one. Good people. No, good people.

Now, a little further away, here's the real food.

"Hey! Chick!"

You're a chick, aren't you?

Baby Castella was shaped like a chick. It's a pretty shape. I can make it at home, but I don't have anything decent. It's specific to the festival.

"I also bought baby Castella."

I have a hot cake mix, so I'm going to bake it right now.

"I'm going to make yakisoba with baby castella."


There's something wrong with him!

I can't believe you're Yakisoba Niki!?

Ah. By the way, there was someone like that... Intimate delivery in Len's hospital room. I wonder if you've been watching me for a long time.

"I wonder if you've been watching me all this time. Thank you, but I think it's bad for you.”

I haven't missed noodles since that day.

No, it's indispensable.


Don't stick it in my face lol

But I know how you feel lol

As expected, I think it would be biased towards nutrition.

Len opened the bag, stabbed Baby Castella with a sticky toothpick, and ate it. You look so happy when you mumble.

Is Len-chan delicious?


That's good.

All right. The end is roasted corn, right?