"Corn, corn!"


I was walking back to Kimpika-san's clan nightclub, but I think I really enjoyed the baked corn, and I was singing a mysterious song with Lucky. Were you looking forward to it so much?

I'm sure it didn't mean anything in particular, but Lulu's Taimons and the Sky Fox were also held with Lucky. She seems to be having fun too.

Lulu, are you glad?

"Hmm. It's better to have more hoofs than hoofs."

I understand the reasoning somehow.

Len-chan sings with a cute animal

Is this the ideal place?

You idiot! We wouldn't be in the ideal place!

I see!

I don't think you should agree with that.

When I stood in line, I was put through the front of the line, or should I say for sure.

It is Kimpika who is baking corn.

No, it's not.

"Oh, welcome. I've been waiting for you!"

"No, who is it?"

"It's okay, I've never met her before."

No, the grass

I thought it was clear that Kimpika was baking lol

What's he doing after all?

I also thought Mr. Kimpika was baking. I looked around lightly and looked for Kimpika who was checking the ingredients in the back. They will notice us and wave to us.

Ah! Kimpika-san!

Len-chan also noticed and started to wave heavily. I know you're happy, Kimpika, but you're smiling sloppily.


Can you wave to me?

Isn't this an exorbitant project?

I think your boiling point is too low. [M]

"At first, he was going to burn it." "In addition to my lack of cooking skills, I'm not good at letting you do it manually..." I was contacted because I couldn't let them eat something that tasted bad. "

I see.

It seems that you gave priority to the flavor. Don't you think you can expect me to call you on purpose?

But are you good or bad at grilling corn?

"Mirai-chan, I don't think it's disgusting, but it vomits a lot of poison..."


Hmm. Because I'm not good, I have a replacement Kimpika.

Yeah, but it's okay. I'm sure you can't hear me.

Looking at Kimpika-san's face, she was drooping with her hands and knees on.

"Good. Then roasted corn, please!"

This guy www

I did something I didn't see lol

No offense! Oh, my God!

With a bitter smile, he quickly lined up the corn on a hot iron plate. Is it soy sauce that it burns so much? The smell of soy sauce was dangling over the corn and ticking my nose.

Wow! Wow!

Len-chan is very excited. Lucky and Sora stare at the corn in both hands. Do you want to eat? It looks delicious, doesn't it?

"The smell of soy sauce burning is nice..."

I know.


Ahhh, I should have gone too!

I don't like the feeling of being cared for just footage...!

I burned it tightly and it was placed on a paper plate and handed over to me.

I want to eat quickly, but let's be patient and move. No, because there are a lot of people.

"Hey! Still? Still?"

Wait a little longer.

Pull Len's hand and walk a little. I decide to eat out of the crowd.

It's okay.


A bite with a small mouth. Eat it slowly,


Len-chan laughs suddenly. Under Len-chan's feet, Lucky and Sora also eat grilled corn. Somehow, when you look at it like this, it's just a dog and a fox.

"It's been a long time since I baked corn, but it's delicious."

”Nh. It feels good enough soy sauce”

Alice and Lulu were also very popular. I also tried it, but it may be the tastiest grilled corn I've ever had. No, I don't eat that often.

All right. All right. Let's set up our next schedule while Lotus eats.

"What should I do next?" Speaking of festivals, what? "

I tried to shoot the goldfish sucking, so I guess it's a lottery after all?

"Nh. It's famous for not being able to hit it sometimes..."

"Shut up for a second."

I think there's a lottery that you're serious about!

But it's a lottery. Maybe there is. It might be conscientious if it's a blessing in the game.

Len-chan, what about the lottery next?


I'm staring at the baked corn that I've finished eating with great remorse. You liked it so much. I'd like to buy it for real, but you can only eat it here if it's freshly baked... I think I'll buy it for you later.

Len-chan, do you want to eat again later?


I don't know. I've got a glimpse of a powerful swinging tail.

"Ah... I see. Ran-chan, you can't eat freshly baked corn..."

"Hmm. Even if I brought it home, it should already be cold."

I bet you didn't even make a restaurant in the hospital.

Is that why you were so happy?

Will you stop telling me heavy stories when you forget?

Was that such a heavy story?

The next one is a lottery. If you walk down the street, which is lined with nightclubs, you'll find them sometime.

I grab Len-chan's hand and walk again. Lucky Lotus is still chewing the core of the baked corn. I wonder if you like it.

Lucky, is it delicious?


I see.

It looks like the core of the baked corn is in the toy frame. There's a lot of people out there today, but maybe you can throw some cores and play. If you're lucky, I'd be happy to pick it up.