I was ready for delivery in a meadow with all my sights like a green carpet. Well, even when it comes to preparation, it's enough to make sure it's not a strange piece of equipment.

My gear is light armor based on red. Short one-handed sword on the waist. Accessory rings are stat up rings. These are all items that you can get with the so-called gacha. Besides, it's the rarest. The equipment that made the money say things.

I don't want to use this kind of equipment very much, but it is recommended to keep silent in the name of protecting her. They kept telling me to get better gear, so I settled down. Incidentally, I don't want to think about the money I spent before this came out. Well, it's not my money.

In front of me is a sphere of light like a fist, and this plays the role of a camera. On top of the sphere of light, something like a large black plate is mounted, and the comments written here are displayed. If you set it up, it will reach the broadcaster, that is, my ear.

Okay, we're almost there. I have a reservation, and it should start naturally in ten seconds. It's time to get her back...

"Is that it, Ron? Len-chan!"

You don't have a delivery partner! He's my partner, he's the star!

"Ronchaaaaahn! Oops!"


How many times have you been missing since the beginning? www

It's too usual for me to be surprised www

Wow! Ladies and gentlemen! Len-chan is missing right now, I'm looking for her!



Hang in there.

Find Len-chan after obtaining the viewer's permission. I wonder where she went. I was supposed to be next door just now.

But I should have guessed. My first field, my first monster, and Len-chan are not going to calm down.

"Ah, already! Grass! Who the hell chose this field, you idiot!

It's you.


Aren't you going to look around?

"You're not here! As far as I'm concerned, I find a new monster and I'm observing it!

Possible www

Ron Tadashi wow

Ron loves monsters because of real circumstances. I love furry monsters, especially those covered with soft hair, and when I find them, I run right over there. Delivery is completely ignored. It seems to be good for the audience.

The direction of travel is thirty degrees right. The grass is shaking strangely. Is that it?

"Oops. Thank you for your accurate information! Which one....."

When I walked to where I was told, Renchan was there.

A girl in Japanese dress with a light blue accent. When I wonder what I'm doing, it looks like I'm stroking something.


Ah, Onee-chan

When Len-chan raised her face, she showed me what she was stroking.

"I'm a friend!

White fluffy bunny too. Without the horns on his head, he's really just a rabbit. It's so adorable that I'm moving my nose. When I looked at the display of the name, it was the green text color of the tamed certificate, and it was "BOSS: Giant Horn Rabbit".

"Ladies and gentlemen, My cute sister tamed a new monster. She's a cute little bunny."


Hurry! Show me! Show me! Fufufu!

No, wait, hey. The rabbit monster that comes out there..... "

"I don't hate a perceptive audience."

The smile spills. Really, this kid is as good as ever.

"I'm the boss again!


Grass ww

"Don't grow grass."

Roon-chan and the rabbit tilt their necks. The workmanship is linked and very cute. Cute, but kind of, yeah. Seriously.

"Hei, detailed audience, more information!

Aiya. Field boss in the old meadow. It looks small and weak, but I can't see at all because of the field. A powerful boss on a cattle trail who is often killed without realizing it. By the way, instead of having low HP and defense, it's a funny attack force that seems to have switched to extreme attack power. Even defensive swinging players can die in three runs. Normally, they die instantly. "

"Fuck you!

Too impossible. I think that low HP and low defense means you have to kill them before they kill you... What a pointy boss.

"Ron. Can I hold him too...?


Ron gives me a rabbit. Holding it gently, oh, wow, it's so fluffy. The rabbit is kind of rounded as if it was reassuring.

"This is the killer fur ball.../(exp, adv-to) (on-mim) fufufu..."

"Who knows what it literally means?"

When I was enjoying my tofu, Len-chan stared at me. Oh, yeah. I know, I know. When I returned the rabbit to Ren-chan, she began to stroke again happily.

"My sister is the cutest in the world."

Ciscon. But I agree. "

I'm sorry! My sister's cuter!

Is there only Ciscon on this delivery?

"But (my sister) is a man."

What do you mean?

You shouldn't ask him because he's going to hell.

Take a lazy photo of Renchan enjoying rabbits. Yeah, yeah, it's a picture. She's so cute and so cute.

"Looks like nosebleed."

What are you talking about all of a sudden?

Heh, I want to be weird!

What now?

I want you to wait. After all, even if my eight-year-old sister holds a rabbit, she smiles like a lid. This is the strongest. I couldn't stand it for now, so I sat behind Renchan and put it on my lap. Useful.

"Hey, honey?



Lotus is cute, tilting her neck. Lotus is so cute that she won't stop stroking the rabbit.

"No, this guy, we have to do something."

It's too late for that.

You really are rude people.

After spending some relaxing time, Hikochiko and other monsters also showed up. Little bears, wolves, weird birds.


The monsters gathered around Len-chan's eyes. Ron holds the rabbit and begins stroking the children. Just seeing my happy sister makes me really happy.

"By the way, what's your medical condition?

Suddenly, such a comment came through.

"Nh... No progress, no deterioration. It's good, but there's nothing we can do."

I see. Then add this to it.

After that comment, you'll see the money marks and numbers. This is the money that will be transferred to me by the distributor. So-called throwing money or something like that. It's going to be transferred a lot. Thank you so much. Let me use it carefully.

"Thank you all the time. I'll let you know if there's any progress."

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Good luck, though.

"I hope you feel better as soon as you can."

"Hahahaha... Thank you very much. Really."

Really, they're all so kind...

Then, when I looked at Ren-chan, who was in a sense a stranger to money, I was somehow surrounded by a lot of monsters. Yeah. I don't think we can expect a response anymore.

Well then, everyone. You have entered Ronchanhan Fufufu mode. I'm going to show you a relaxing renchan tofu, so please let me heal myself. "

Mouth Rubbing

Healing helps.

Bye, Kawahn.

After that, I took it easy and watched over the viewers and Renchan.