"Ron, do you have any new friends?


"Don't you want it?


Remove the stuffed toy that I bought with pocket money this month from my bag. A dog stuffed toy that feels good. When I gave it to Len-chan, he made his face shine and received it.

"Fuahh... Cute....."

Lotus holds a plush toy in her arms. I even cheeked. Looking at it, my heart is kind of pounding.

Ron has some stuffed toys in her bed and more stuffed toys on the shelf. It seems that Renchan exchanges stuffed toys from that shelf every night and sleeps with her.

Ron loves animals and stuffed animals. Someday I want to go see a real dog with me.

By the way, Roon-chan only watches TV that's darkened to its limit for an hour a day, but she always watches animated videos. Ron's favorite is a video where puppies play a lot. I've seen it with you before, but your face at that time seemed very envious.

I want to come into direct contact with animals. That's Len's little wish.

As a sister I can count on! I'll have to make it happen!




"Today, I have another gift for Renchan!

"Hee? Er... I already got it, didn't I?

Roon-chan leans her head while holding a stuffed toy. Well, most of my presents are stuffed toys. It's not impossible to think so.

But you did your best!

It was a paper bag that was removed from the bag. When I handed it over, Len-chan took out the contents of the paper bag in a strange way. The game software came out.

"What is this?

"Answer World Online. It's VRMMO."

Still tilting my neck, I decided to explain it to Roon-chan.

Six years after full dive technology was established. Many games have been developed and many VRMMOs have been launched. The competition was too high, and more than 80% of the games were out of service.

AnswerWorld Online, or AWO for short, is one of the most popular games of all. Because the system is an old MMO itself, it is both positive and negative, but it should be noted that there are overwhelming graphics and NPC advanced AI that do not allow other followers. It's a reputation for being truly alive in the world of swords and magic.


You don't seem very interested.

"Yeah... Fighting."

That would be the case. Ron is a sweet kid. But that part doesn't matter anyway.

"I told you it was an overwhelming graphic."


"The animals are real. Lots of cute dogs and cats."


Oops, Ron-chan ate it! Your cold eyes just now are suddenly getting hot!

"I have Tame Skills. I mean, you can be a tamer."


"Simply put, it's a skill to be friends with animals and monsters!


Ron-chan's making your eyes shine on expectations! It's sparkling! But I was quickly depressed. Watch the game sadly.

"But perhaps the doctor will forgive me...."

"That's all right. I got your permission."

"Eh? Really!?


Ren-chan is in the hospital room, but I can't help but study in the second grade. Speaking of how we do it, here comes full dive technology.

I don't really understand the difficult story of brain waves being poopy, but the VR machine and full dive can be used without any problems, so Renchan is studying in the VR space during the day. However, she feels sick if she keeps using it for a long time. She only uses it for 2 hours in the morning, 2 hours in the afternoon, and 2 hours in the evening.

Roon-chan seems to have excellent grades in her studies, and after consulting with Roon-chan's attending physician, she decided that she could use two hours at night in the game.

Besides, the teacher took the trouble to get permission from all sides.

Permission is because VR games are actually prohibited for elementary school students. If it negatively affects emotional education, it's the result of the world's parents moving.

After junior high school students, this kind of restriction has subsided if they can properly distinguish between reality and fiction. Well, junior high school students also have a time limit, so it's only high school students who can use it freely.

The teacher went all the way to the management company and the city hall and got permission as an exception. I can only thank the teacher. Maybe I was the only one who couldn't do it.

"So... Please thank the doctor properly."


Ron's smile seemed so happy. I am satisfied with seeing this smile now.

But the show starts here. If I fail in the game, I don't think my smile will be cloudy.

"This evening starts at six o'clock. Set up the game with your teacher. Read this paper for configuration notes. Be especially careful with initial skills!


Len began to read the A4 prints she handed over immediately. I wonder if this will be okay.

Well then, Renchan!

"Ah, yes!

When I called out loud, Len raised her face immediately. You know how it is, a little hot face.

"It's a little early, but I'm going home to finish my homework in a hurry!


I feel a little lonely, but it's okay.

"That's why, Renchan. I'll see you there tonight!

Len-chan, who looked calm, nodded many times immediately.

I stroked Len-chan and waved my hand before leaving the hospital room. Hurry up and finish your homework!