Jialen was in a dark room, staring at her watch. I will read the letter from my beloved sister, who has read it many times and almost remembered it.

Oneechan is one of the few people who wasn't afraid of Jialen's illness. Because they don't know the cause of the illness, some nurses avoid Jialen, but Oneechan didn't look hesitant and hugged me about Jialen.

That's why Jialen loves oneechan. Even though I'm busy, I love my sister, who shows me her face every day and talks a lot.

The game that the sister gave me was enough to attract the interest of the animal lover Jialen. It's so nice to be friends with animals.

Waiting excitedly, the doctor's brother entered Jialen's ward.

"Hi, Jialen. I kept you waiting."


Oniisan laughs gently at Jialen who shakes her head.

Oniisan brought the machine in the corner of the room onto a table with feet rolling around. The machine is a VR machine used by Jialen. Put a very light helmet on the head of the Lotus with a large but special material.

Oniisan also wore a helmet. They will do it together until the initial setting.

Well, here we go.


Oniisan pressed the button on the chin of the helmet and the audio came through.

I'll log in in ten seconds.

Lie on the bed and close your eyes. Then, exactly ten seconds later, I felt a strange floating sensation, and then I opened my eyes and I was in the grasslands at night.

Well done on logging in.

Looking back at that voice, oniisan is smiling.

"Come on, Ron. Turn around."


I'm told to look back again. There was a beautiful sister in front of me.

"Nice to meet you. Welcome to Anazar World Online, Jialen Oshima."

"Ah, uh, nice to meet you!

Greetings! Jialen said loudly, and onee-san smiled.

"Yeah. Again... I'm down the mountain in the game master. Do you know who runs it?

"I know!"

"Fufu, that's a good boy. Originally it was an AI automatic guide, but Jialen is a special circumstance, so I'll help you."

Yamashita-san said that and stroked Jialen. Mummy, this caressed comfort may be comparable to oneechan's. Strong enemies.

"Let's start by deciding the name to use in the game. What kind of name would you like?

"Name? It's Galen.

"Fufu... No, it's like a nickname to use in games. I can't use my real name during the game. Do you understand?"

"I know!"

That means you want to think of your nickname yourself. Is it normal to think of your nickname by yourself? I'm a little embarrassed.

"Well then, let's have a good-bye!

"Eh? Ah, uh... It's not a real nickname... Hmm...."

Yamashita-san looks behind Jialin in trouble. Maybe oniisan. Looking back at Jialen, oniisan nodded bitterly.

"There won't be a problem. Please keep going."

"I was afraid. Okay, Jialen. During the game, you can call me Lotus.


In front of Pon and Jialen, a black square appeared. It says "Nagae," and it says "Hang on" next to it. I wonder if this is the status. I'm a little impressed.

"Now let's assign the status. I don't even know if I can say Str... I wonder what Renchan wants to improve?

"Nh... I'm asking my sister for advice."


"Hmm! Well, there shouldn't be a lot of direct combat, so it's easy to move around... eh? What is it?"

It certainly said what to do and I should have remembered, but I forgot. Horizontal characters, I know.

"Er... uh... Ajiji, ajiji... ajiri!

"What a pity! AGI, agility. What else do you want? Otherwise, I'll lose everything else a million times."

Well then, yes. So... "

I don't know what's difficult, so I'll leave it to you. Yamashita-san nods and does something at hand. Is it also an invisible keyboard? Immediately, Jialen's status was added.

Chikara: 5, Blur: 5, Taiichoku: 5, Kiso: 5, Hayasa: 35, Maho: 5.

"You can reset your status for free once, so think about it when you want to change it. If you want to change it afterwards, it will become a billing item, so please talk to your sister. Are you okay?"

"Yeah, great!

I don't want to spend money, so it will probably stay like this.

"The next step is skills. You can freely acquire up to three of your initial skills. You don't have to master it here, or you can learn it at any time if you meet the conditions in the game, so don't worry about it... Do you have hope?

Yamashita-san reminds me of a letter from my sister. Uh, sure...

"Tame, Formula, One Hand Sword!

Tame is very important. This is the most important thing. It's a very nice skill to be friends with animals.

They say the ingredients are enough to make animal rice. I'll cook you dinner, put it on your hands, and let you eat it... I'm looking forward to just imagining it.

A one-handed sword seems to be a means of self-defence. Oneechan said she was using a one-handed sword and would give up the sword she was using.

When I explained them to Yamashita-san, Yamashita-san thought for a moment that

"That's right... Mind if I give you a little advice?


This is what oneechan also told me. Maybe you can give me some advice on your skills. At that time, I was told to think carefully myself.

"Make it a riding skill, not a single-handed sword skill. I'm sure she'll like it too."

Hmm? But sometimes monsters attack you, right?

Jialen doesn't want to fight, but if she gets attacked, she needs a little help getting away. That said, Yamashita-san wandered his gaze a little, as he thought.

"Wait a minute....."

Yamashita-san's movement stops. I wonder what happened.

"Maybe you're temporarily logging out and asking your boss or someone else something."

That's what oniisan taught me. That's enough.

It seems that Yamashita-san came back soon, and I coughed up the symptoms.

"Ron. I shoulder to shoulder with one player, but I'll teach you something special because I'm sure Roon-chan needs it."

Yes. What is it?

"Not just this game, most game MMOs have non-active monsters and active monsters. A monster in which non-active players are nearby but not attacking, and active players are attacking. Do you understand?"

"Yeah, it's okay."

"Yeah, well, the active monsters in this game are a bit of a special system."


"Yes, the active monsters in this game attack in response to the player's hostility. I mean, if we don't turn our backs on hostility, we won't get attacked."

Oh, my God. That's amazing. In other words,

"Are you okay if you just fap even if you get close!?

"Yes, it's okay. Also, since Ren-chan is an elementary school student, the PVP system is turned off. You can't be attacked anywhere by a player. That's why I don't think Renchan needs one-handed sword skills."

You don't need a one-handed sword for that reason. Jialen doesn't want to fight either. If you don't need self-defense, you should have the skill of licking an animal.

"Well then!

"Yes, I'll set it up."

More status screens have been added.

"Next, I'm going to look like... Height and physique can't be changed to minimize the difference with reality. The contour of the face can be changed to a certain extent, but what should we do?


"Ah... The shape of the face. And then you can change the color of your eyes and hair. Do you have hope?

"Stay where you are!

I'm not going to change my appearance. After all, if you do that, oneechan may not notice. If oneechan doesn't notice, I'll miss you so much that I'll probably stop playing games.

Yamashita-san nodded and kept going.

"Finally, you can choose from three cities that you can transfer first. Do you know the name of the city?

"I don't know!

"Fufu. Honesty is a good thing. Well then, just the features...."

"Ah, you know, oneechan is waiting for you in the city of Fatos!

"Oh, yeah. Then let's start with the farthos.... that's it."

Looks like it's over. I felt a little long.

But now we can finally meet oneechan and be friends with the animals! When you think about it, it's very, very exciting!

"Well then, Ron. I'll say goodbye here. [M] When I see oneechan, I'll have a lot of fun."

Oniisan said that, so Len-chan nods firmly. Oniisan smiled satisfactorily and nodded and disappeared.

Well then, Ron. Happy Fantasy Life!

That's how Yamashita-san claps his hands. Then, Jialen's body slowly rose.

"Ron-chan! Finally, personal advice from your sister!


"Monsters in this game can be tamed by any monster! I can be your friend! Meet lots of monsters! If Tame wants to be a friend, he won't be judged hostile!

He seemed to have said something afterwards, but unfortunately Yamashita-san's appearance became invisible and his voice was cut off.