Before 6: 10 p.m. I came to Fatos, one of the first cities I could choose. There is a big fountain in the middle of Fatos, and the first player will always be here.

There are tutorial quests at first, so it's good for beginners to watch, but not for real acquaintances. Well, of course.

When I waited by the fountain, my eyes twinkled and turned towards me. But I quickly turned away from my interest. I think they're judging me to be waiting for someone I know.

Wait for a while. A magical formation suddenly appeared next to the fountain and began to glow white. It's a sign of someone coming. Everyone sends a flickering gaze that seems interesting. From now on, you'll see a surprising expression.

The next moment, a little girl stood up pretending.


Ahahah. I didn't write anything about my appearance, but it looks like I didn't mess with it at all. He looks like he sees it every day. Len-chan looks around and looks at the sky and feels something. Although in VR games, I haven't seen the sun in a long time, so maybe that's it.

And the players around him, without exception, were stuck in surprise. Well, I take it for granted.

VR games cannot alter the skeleton of the body to minimize confusion with reality. The height is realistic.

In other words, an age-appropriate good-looking Lori would be a so-called legal Lori or a real elementary school student. In addition, considering that elementary school students cannot play normally, the likelihood of legal lollies is extremely high.

I don't know what legal Lori is, but what kind of dreams do men have?

I rushed to my beloved sister, deliberately ignoring the noisy surroundings.


"Ah, hey... muuu"

Hold him tight. Oh, that's AWO. The hugging comfort is the same as real. Excellent. Lotus is cute even in the game!

"Oh, hey hey hey hey...?

"That's good! She's your trusted sister! By the way, you can't hug me like this, so don't worry."

"That's right... How can I peel off oneechan?


When I was in shock, Len burst out small. Looks like it was a joke. Good, I don't think I could recover for a week if I was serious.

"Well, Ron-chan. This place is noisy, so let's move it."


Grab Renchan's little hand and start walking. They say they've been very vocal, but they ignore everything.

I took Len-chan to a meadow field outside the city. In the field where beginners hunt first, people with the same initial gear are now defeating the weakest monsters.

Ron looked at it and looked a little disgusting. I don't like killing creatures in games.... is that the wrong choice for the game...?

"Ron-chan, Ron-chan. This way, this way."


Invite them and move a little further. We arrived in an area where beginner killers and famous prairie wolf emerged.

This area is adjacent to the monster area where beginners hunt, and it's the same meadow field, so beginners in good shape are often killed. It is a classic event as a ritual of passage in a sense. Fix it, Operation.

However, monsters in this field are not active, including the boss's Wolf Leader, which means they won't attack from over there, so it's no problem to chat casually.

"Well, well. Renchan, show me your status."

"What are you going to do?

"This way, when you shake your fingers from below up, they'll come out. The operator must have made it my exclusive visual mode."

Kashimodo? Crazy? "

"Renchan is so cute!

I'm not going anywhere. Renchan's expression became subtle, so I stopped using it very much. I don't want to be hated.

When Renchan does what she says, a black rectangular frame appears. Looking at it, the status was displayed properly.

"Hmm... My name is Ren, what is it? I don't have to change the way you call me, so I'm comfortable, but is that good?


Tilt your neck, Ron. Oh, this is a pattern you didn't quite understand. Well, it's not even my real name, so I guess it's okay.

"Skills are... Uh, what is this? Weapon Skills!?

"Hmm... Whaaat?" I don't want your quitter. "

Len-chan explained to me why she leaned her neck hard. The content of the explanation was new to me.

No, no, wait a minute. I've never heard of an active monster reacting to hostility. Isn't that new information?

But if you ask me, I can convince you. Actually.

It seems that someone who was rushing to another city before broke through an area with a lot of active monsters. He was prepared to take some damage, but surprisingly he was not attacked at all.

It seems that the freaks who love to verify listened to it experimented with various patterns. Run through the neighboring city in the same way, or approach it without equipment. They said they weren't attacked only when they ran away.

So the validators had concluded that there might be some respite before the active monsters reacted. It would be a warm measure for those in a hurry.

But when it comes to Ron-chan, it doesn't seem to be too far away.

I went to another city because I didn't react because there was no hostility to monsters, and if I approached without equipment, it was judged hostile because it was the monster's goal. Probably.

It could be a system unique to VR games that are reading brain waves or doing something. I can't say anything because I don't know the actual internal processing.

"But that's why I didn't have any weapon skills... I'm surprised."

"I don't need a fight. I just want to know why."

Lotus is so cute that she squeezes her cheeks a little bit. An angel. No, a goddess. Let's take a look.

"That's enough."

"Yes, I'm sorry. Well, if that's the case, why don't you just keep going?"

It's very easy to master a weapon skill. You just need to remember.

"Well then, Ron-chan!


"I'm not a role model, but I have a kid like this."

I have Tame Skills, too. I like animals, too. I'm a little scared to be responsible for creatures, so I don't keep them, but I love fufu.

Come on, Shiro.

When I called, a magical formation appeared in front of me, and a pure white wolf appeared as the name suggests.

My proud child. Normal grassland wolf is a brown lineage color, but very rarely a pure white individual appears. What a nostalgia you missed when I happened to see you and fed you.

Since then, I've been taking care of you like every day. She's so cute. She's so fuzzy!


Renchan's eyes are shining! Fufufu, that's nice, isn't it? It's cute!

"Can I stroke you?

When I said that, Renchan touched Shiro's body with such a surprise. Shiro doesn't resist knowing that this child belongs to me. Rather, I'm licking Ren-chan's cheeks.


Len-chan hugged Shiro. I really adore the way you rub your cheeks. Hey, Eyebless Eyebless.