"Hey, you're registered!

"Uh-huh... Well, if that's okay with you, then it's okay, right?

I want to say a lot of things, but if you like Ron, okay. Mm-hmm.

Ehehe. Rakki "


Lucky to lick Peloponichan's cheek. Bruises. Very bruisy. Not a wolf, but a dog, no doubt.

By the way, yes, by the way. I have a very bad feeling about this.

Lucky Wolf's description included Wolf's princess. I guess that means you have a parent. Doesn't that mean there's a king!? And unfortunately, I have an idea!

The ground is shaking. Well, looking back, there's a big Wolf. It is about five times the size of other wolves. It's huge. It's the boss monster in this field.

I wonder if you came to get your daughter back. I suppose so. It was a way of appearing that only seemed like it.

Well, I can knock it down. I am confident that I can defeat dangerously. When it comes to field bosses, it's the first field. I don't think I'm going to be late.

But hey... I don't want to kill a creature in front of Renchan, even though it's a game monster...

"Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Hmm? Oneechan is busy trying to figure out how to get through the Shura Hall, but what's the matter?

"More friends!

Looking back, there were about three grassland wolves surrounding Len-chan. What is this? Besides, it looks like I've tamed everything.


Roon-chan noticed the boss.

"Big cunt!

Stop it! Stop it! Even the boss stopped acting like a dog for a moment! I've heard that there may be AI loaded on monsters, but it's more authentic. I didn't want to notice it this way.

And Renchan went to the boss without fear. It's amazing, Lotus. You don't know anything about fear.

Well, it's not a problem because it's inactive. Touching the pepper boss, fufua, what a prolonged voice. It's called a pep, or a fufu. Good, looks soft.

The boss was also staring at Renchan with a white wolf. She is approaching her face and smelling the smell of poof.

"Ah, yes! You want some?

Len, give me some food. The boss ate it all up...


What does it mean to succeed in boss Tame...?

The boss, Tame, is something that Tamer and the others have been trying. Trying to get him to sleep and reduce his strength to the point where he could do something about it, everyone was getting excited.

But no one succeeded alone. If only the odds were low, someday someone would succeed, and none of them would.

The conclusion was that Boss Monsters can't be tamed. I didn't doubt it either...

Ehehe. Deer and Fufufu. "

Roon-chan enjoys her fufu all over her boss's back. I want to escape reality.

Lucky little wolf on top of that lentil's head. I feel like I'm seeing something amazing.

By the way, the boss was named Deer. That's a cool name. Mm-hmm.

No name for other prairie wolfs. I tried to name something, but I stopped.

There are two types of tames. Whether or not to name it, but this difference is large.

If you name it, you can call the named child wherever you are. However, there is a limit of five per person. I can cancel it, but I don't think Ron will do it. There may be other encounters ahead, and I was forced to stop naming Grassland Wolf.

If you don't name it, every time you come to the field, the tamed kids rush in. You can have as many as you want, but you can come at random up to five at a time. Fufufu, it's up to the people who fight together.

The systems around here may be subject to change in a later update.


It's only been about an hour, so why are you doing this with such anger? I hope it doesn't bother anyone. Okay, but come on!

Rock and roll

Oh, you're so cute when you roll around on a big dog... It's troublesome to think. Look, I want to hang out, too.

"I don't know what to do with shiro... I don't know what to think."

Yeah, I know you said something weird. What are you talking about? Stop staring at me like this.

Take a relaxing look at Len-chan playing with the wolves in the middle of the meadow. It makes me feel kind of happy. When I thought about it, Len-chan came down from Deer's back. The grassland wolf is gathering. I wonder if anyone who doesn't know anything looks like a novice being attacked.

"Wah, wah, wah...!

Wolf and the others are messing it up. They're licking my cheeks. It's a little interesting to watch.

I wonder if Wolf and the others were satisfied when they licked each other. It got round a certain distance away. I wonder if that's the team that protects Renchan.

"Hey, honey!

Oops, did you go because I was called?

Take Shiro to Renchan. Ren-chan came running around and hugged me. Hold him tightly.

"Upu... Onee-chan, it's painful.

"I missed you."


It wasn't a lie, but it was enough just to watch. I also left a lot of screenshots with a sneaky visual shot. It's cheeks. I am.

"So, what's up, goodwill? Is that enough?

"Hmm... I don't know what to do after this."

"I don't have any plans. I thought I'd show you the city, but you want to play with these kids, right?


"Then the city will be tomorrow. Come play plenty today."

When I pushed her back, Len-chan ran to Deer with joy. It's been a long time since I've seen Renchan so much fun.

Deer, while I watched Renchan start playing with Lucky, I wiped off the shiro. I'm not lonely. If not, I don't.